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Marketers need to understand the difference between omni-channel marketing and multi0channel marketing in order to set a marketing standard that works

A university is no longer limited by walls, but new challenges await. Pay attention to 8 mistakes that are common to online courses marketing techniques.

Every time you read a guide on how to build a successful blog, it probably includes something about becoming an online authority in your industry.

To help you get a head start for 2017, here are some digital marketing trends (some familiar, some new) to be aware of in the New Year.

The Trump campaign is a model for marketers everywhere: despite setbacks and negative press, Trump reached his core audience and moved them to action. How did he do that?

Most people think that starting an online business will be exactly like starting a business the conventional way: expensive. In reality, it’s not. Let’s face it; online businesses exist in the virtual space.

SEO marketing has become a staple strategy to reach customers of various businesses. It stands for Search Engine Optimization marketing, whose aim is to increase the relevance of websites in search engines

It is incredibly easy to build backlinks and to take clients to the top of the search engines without investing in PPC, in fact, it was so simple, the first couple of times I did it, I even surprised myself.

You can hire a consultant to help you get your business strategy in gear, design an effective marketing strategy, or get your finances in order.

Get inspired by these examples of high converting landing pages and learn how to turn your fairweather visitors into subscribers.

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