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Let’s take a look at the branches of marketing that are absolutely necessary for any business to comprehend and potentially incorporate into their marketing strategies in this high-speed age of information.

If you have a business and you need to build a new sales pipeline there are number of ways that you can generate completely new leads.

If you run your own website, blog or eCommerce business, then you need to hear what most people don’t know about making our business profitable – lessons from one of the greatest inventors of all time, and business minds, Thomas Edison...

Most businesses and individuals are trying all the tricks in the book to market online via these powerful sites.

It is official, Social Media Marketing has being proven to deliver an ROI. So says the 2012 LoyaltyOne Social Media Transaction Impact Study. This report provides the missing link, proof that Social Media Marketing campaigns actually affects buying behaviour and increases sales as result.

As a small business owner have you ever wondered what benefits you should be getting from investing resources - time, people and money - in marketing?

Whether it’s the Harlem Shake or Gangnam style, most of us have watched a viral video in the past week or so – but what exactly does it mean to “go viral”?

One of the hardest things I have started for my business is creating engaging video content. Read this article for some great tips on why you should begin.

It’s clear that social media is valuable, but measuring ROI proves to be a challenge. These are my top 10 sites for social media monitoring tools

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing setup, wherein a third party (usually a blogger) helps a business or website promote its products or services for a cost.