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Accountability is one virtue that every company wishes for their employees, although not all of them are able to integrate this into their system.

Strengthening and growing your business along with engaging and developing your employees should be the items at the top of your "to do" list. Fortunately, when executed properly, these goals complement one another very nicely

When you work from home, it can be challenging to focus. These tips will help you be more productive.

While many people think you have to sit around, waiting for inspiration to strike, recent research indicates that inspiration can be captured, manipulated, and even activated.

Not all people can be a good company director, though most think they can. Here are 10 traits that contribute to the make up of a successful director.

There has been a lot of discussion and debates on what motivates entrepreneurs. How do you know if you or someone else is an entrepreneur? Deeply embedded in the practice of entrepreneurship is passion.

Many startup executives have noted that having passion is one of the key drivers for entrepreneurial success. Passion drives some entrepreneurs to assume high levels of risk taking that many may see as being unconventional and even crazy.

Are you one of the forward-thinking employers or managers who loves to give workers incentives rather than be forced to hand out punishment? OSHA may have some harsh words for you: Stop it!

Women entrepreneurs are built to succeed! Here, Nellie Akalp tells why.

Almost everyday, someone wants to share with me why their new concept is the best thing since sliced bread. Sadly, most of these ideas never turn into a business while the larger fractions of those that do get off the ground don’t last.

And while it’s tough to imagine your venture ever going south, it’s well worth it to account for rough times. If you’re lucky, your business will thrive and grow without a hitch. But if you run into some trouble along the way, you’ll be glad you made a back-up plan.

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