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Small businesses need help recognizing today's payment trends and the strategies to make them work for their individual models.

Here are some ways to convince millennials to make healthcare one of their major priorities by taking advantage of media and technology.

How do you move a social media fan from just liking your Facebook page to actually returning to your page every day, reading your content, interacting, subscribing to your email list and eventually buying your product or service?

If you are an individual with an idea but no development skills, you will have to find those skills to be an app developer. And if you are a small business already, do you need to hire more people?

Marketers need to understand the difference between omni-channel marketing and multi0channel marketing in order to set a marketing standard that works

Running a business sounds simple enough: All you have to do is create value for customers in a unique and meaningful way that generates profit

The web has become mobile, and so has its users. The websites that haven’t caught up with this yet simply need to get a move on. It's not just about the user experience anymore.

You got a great business advantage from your social media campaigns but have you targeted mobile audience too? Do you know the benefits of mobile marketing?

Given the competition, it’s not easy for new mobile apps to get noticed, much less succeed. But there’s no reason to get disheartened if you have a great idea in place.

Here are some international marketing strategies for apps so you will be able to get your app a better app store ranking as well

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