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These 4 clever internet marketing strategies make Spotify unbeatable online. Read to find out why Jay Z's Tidal will not be able to topple Spotify yet.

Discounts and sales deals are effective incentives to fight shopping cart abandonment and drive maximum conversions.

Quick Response (QR) codes are increasingly popping up in product labels. They are a new way to display the barcode, and each of them has a distinct look. Each conveys more than what you can see

Publisher Channel Content by DIY Marketers   Are you wondering where your next sale is coming from?  If you are, […]

he cash-strapped start-ups have to cut down on their expenses wherever possible and these set of essential tools will help you accomplish significant tasks without having to shell out huge sums on trained personnel.

Given its popularity, it is imperative for B2B marketers to maximize the potential of this channel. In this article, we will take you through seven tips that will help you realize the potential of your event marketing campaigns.

Recently, we came across a system that would let us change the matter of an email once it is deployed.

These six cheap and easy marketing strategies will provide the perfect starting point for any small business to thrive.

A website is all about getting traffic which is possible through content. Better content delivers higher traffic and better chances of user engagement.

Basically, you need to think from the perspective of the audience before you update the content on your business blog.