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Customer retention, happiness and loyalty make strong business (and steady income) no matter your industry, but what happens when customers change their mind and make an exit?

What are the ways you could develop your content strategy? In content marketing, you have to set a few goals for every one of your projects.

Small businesses face big obstacles. Smart content marketing combined with social media amplification is a successful strategy - even with a limited budget.

Corporate social responsibility is a major priority for small and large companies. However, only a few recognize that the key to success is effective marketing

With some extra knowledge and a few helpful tips, it could be possible for businesses everywhere to start luring media coverage to their Facebook and Instagram updates, through Signal for Facebook.

There are too many articles about entrepreneurship out there saying the same thing

Helping you take steps towards creating a modern and efficient business by embracing a new marketing strategy and modern tools

Are you trying to create a social media marketing strategy for your business? Make sure you consider these ten things.

Learning about consumer psychology can spell the difference between you getting a handful of sales, or hundreds of thousands of them

Here are four steps you can take to survive your online product launch as a lone wolf.

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