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Social media marketing is one way companies reach out and connect with their customers in an attempt to build brand loyalty and advertise new products. Take a look at these six companies that know how to use social media to its fullest and see how you can do the same in your social media campaigns.

According to studies, there will soon be more people who use their mobile devices than people who use their desktop or laptop computers. This is why internet marketers start to shift their focus from computer advertising to mobile advertising. Too many people are going online using their mobile device and it would be a shame not to use this to improve your business.

When someone is trying to sell their business they must effectively communicate important details to a prospective customer. Knowing what information the potential buyer wants to see is essential.

Yes, yes, content marketing is king! But, let’s face it, if you’re a business owner, franchisee, distributor or all around busy person, you don’t have time to focus on anything else other than getting your business going, let alone stay on top of content for an online marketing strategy!

Infographics are a good way to promote your site and build awareness, should you use them?

Creating content is no longer enough to keep a consumer interested in your business; the only way to get real results is to provide content that’s relevant.

Marketing has drastically changed over the past few years. Here are a few key ways it's improved for the better.

If a proper strategic approach can be adopted no one can stop you to expand your empire. And one such smart approach is to build a strong multi-level marketing (MLM) business.

Big data can turn marketing from a cumbersome, mysterious beast into a nimble analytical tool that can anticipate the outcome of campaigns as well as customer needs, and change on a dime to suit demand.

If you want to rise above the hordes and persuade journalists to take you seriously, you have to be strategic in how you approach them.