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Growth hacking can be a term that sounds like the latest marketing buzz word, or even a replacement for marketing itself. It can be argued that ask three people what it means, and they will give you two different definitions each

The interesting—and ironic—point here is that the Internet's reigning expert in targeted online marketing regularly turns to the traditional vehicle of direct mail to promote its business.

In this fast interconnected multi-device world the hotel businesses have to be knowledgeable about the latest trends and find new ways to position their products or brands.

A logo or brand that captures the essence of your business and the attention of potential clients is only as good as its visibility in the marketplace.

Make your own Buzzfeed quiz to drive traffic, here's how to to do it.

You have a great idea. You know it’s a money maker. You have the skills and talent. This could be your big break…The only problem is you’re broke. In the past, starting a new business venture was expensive. You had to create or buy inventory, and find retail space. Not to mention create a logo, marketing strategy, and payment/billing system.

Sometimes social media marketing feels like shouting into the void. Every business worth its salt is online, especially on Twitter. How do you get heard?

When you’re operating a consumer electronics retail store, or any other store for that matter, accounting, customer service, purchasing and stocking are just a few of your competing priorities in a typical day. This leaves less time and resources for in-store marketing.

There are a number of creative digital marketing ideas small businesses can employ to market themselves without breaking the bank.

Organizing an awards program removes the traditional marketing message of “Look at me!” and puts the focus on the consumers. It’s all about learning what they want and promoting what they can offer.