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Nowadays, all a fashion house needs to do is start a website and run it in order to promote and sell its ware. As a fashion brand, your official website is your identity for people around the world.

In the end, every new technology comes with some element of risk. We cannot predict the future. So, we have to rely on product user testing and the integrity of the data.

Tweak Your Biz now receives over 300,000 unique views per month with the average visitor spending more than 4 minutes per visit. During 2014, we published 50 - 55 contributor articles per month with the average TYB post getting seen by more than 2,500 business people.

To help get you in that holiday spirit, we’ve compiled the following Tweak Your Biz top 10 list which includes […]

India’s infrastructure will remain one of the keys to success. Transportation and telecommunications, especially, are among two of the highest priority. Without these, it is difficult for India’s economy to grow jobs, especially in the technology and manufacturing industries. Technology and call centers are two sectors which have fueled India’s explosion of growth, while manufacturing has slumped in recent years. India’s service sector, on the other hand, has been the second fastest growing service sector in the world.

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