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What if the reason you're not hitting your 2017 goals is because it’s easy to fall back on marketing tactics that you could do in your sleep? It’s not time to lower your expectations but mix it up and try some new ideas.

Learning about consumer psychology can spell the difference between you getting a handful of sales, or hundreds of thousands of them

These six cheap and easy marketing strategies will provide the perfect starting point for any small business to thrive.

Growth hacking can be a term that sounds like the latest marketing buzz word, or even a replacement for marketing itself. It can be argued that ask three people what it means, and they will give you two different definitions each

You have a great idea. You know it’s a money maker. You have the skills and talent. This could be your big break…The only problem is you’re broke. In the past, starting a new business venture was expensive. You had to create or buy inventory, and find retail space. Not to mention create a logo, marketing strategy, and payment/billing system.

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