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Loyalty programs are here to stay because they work. Remember these principles and tips to help you discover how to best incorporate one into your business model.

Professional telephone etiquette can impact a positive first impression, which more often than not, influences the caller's behaviour and actions towards your business.

A virtual receptionist can help businesses by providing round the clock, professional customer service in a cost effective way.

What Is CRM?

By implementing a CRM system in your business, which will not only help draw clients into your business, it will also help you make informed decisions.

This infographic guides you through Email deliverability 101 and shows you how to make the most of your Email marketing campaigns.

Many companies focus on marketing to the public without putting a focus on retaining the customers they have already earned. While building a book of business is important to thrive and succeed in the business world, retaining customers is just as important. One way to retain your clients and build a stronger professional relationship is to improve your customer communications. Strong communication is key if you would like your customers to believe that they are your company's priority. Communication is also critical to looking professional, building a reputation and ultimately gaining market share. Here are 4 tips on improving your customer communications so that you can achieve the gold standard.

How CAN-SPAM and other versions across the world, apply to inviting people to respond to a customer surveys.

Localization is simply the process by which you go about adapting your content or product to a given locale. Translation is the best-known part of this process

The article introduces how to turn customer complaints into sales opportunities. Handling customer complaints in the right way can increase your sales.

Here are a few small things in your strategy that can make a big difference in your conversion rate

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