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I present 5 of the reasons, which are not related to funding, that can reasonably explain why Nigeria has not recorded any major success with her rebranding effort.

Here is some helpful advice on how to use visual marketing tools in order to promote your brand successfully in the online world.

Influencer marketing is the next big thing on the internet or digital marketing. Marketers generate $6.5 on every dollar they […]

The debate in the content marketing world swings from long to short to some magic word count number in the middle: what is the ideal post that will get the most readers and the most shares?

Brand reputation management whether online or offline has never been simple and it is not exactly the most interesting of tasks. There are times that you will leave the office at hours you have probably never experience because you were trying to come up with a solution to your PR problems.

No fancy selling gimmick, no sales course will help you boost sales as much as simply being yourself. As a small business owner, it's your biggest asset

Whether yours is a new, small business or one that has been established for many years, it never hurts to increase your Marketing Public Relations (MPR). Even if you think you have a handle on it now, you may be surprised to learn about all of the tools that weren’t available before.

We’ve done some digging and have found the 10 best ideas and reasons Periscope is the next step to successful brand promotion.

Startup marketing strategy isn’t all about a hip slogans or fancy advertising. Here are four bad marketing ideas that could kill your new venture

Here are some international marketing strategies for apps so you will be able to get your app a better app store ranking as well

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