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Success is All About Repeat. Not Trial. Too many marketers spend too much time focusing on getting “Trial” for their products […]

I have experienced the day-to-day pros (e.g. the nearly endless well of marketing knowledge) and cons (e.g. the cost) of working with an ad agency from the perspective of the agency itself as well as from the perspective of the client.

3 questions that had the owners of Stagecoaches asked themselves they may have survived as robust and booming businesses. They seem simple and obvious questions, but how you answer them will determine if your business lasts the test of time.

This article is about using your imagination to differentiate your brand. It includes two examples that show what a little imagination can do as a foundation for a successful business.

Your website is your shop front to the world, it is the way you present yourself to potential new customers and prospects, and it should also be seen as an investment in your business – helping you to achieve and maintain growth and build your revenue. With all this in mind, why is it that I have seen as many poorly executed websites as I have had hot dinners?

Have you ever wondered how global brands like Coca-Cola and IBM make it to the top list of global brands? Well, aside from years of guaranteed quality service, one of the major factors is having a reputable trademark or in layman’s term, a brand.

Business cards can be distributed almost everywhere. They can also be given to almost anybody. Everyone out there is a potential customer to the business, so everyone is entitled to be aware of it

In this article I will try and convince you that your business or brand will be more successful, and challenge your competitors more, by ensuring that you have a core belief at the centre of everything you do. The most successful brands around us across many categories have succeeded by having a core brand belief drive what they do and how they compete.

Lucy Masterson is a renowned marketing consultant who gave up her job to ensure that many other Irish people find employment. She founded Hireland at the kitchen table with Michael Killeen of Dialogue Marketing.

Some businesses seem to think SEO is an optional part of operating online – which it completely is – assuming you also think being found by potential clients online is also an optional part of your business.