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“You cannot win a race by standing still”. When you see it written down it looks really obvious, and yet so many businesses and brands do end up trying to compete by standing still. This article explores why companies fall into this trap, and offers some tips on how to ensure that you do not try and compete by standing still.

Personal branding is very much like a way of marketing yourself to the public. The social media you converse with everyday is basically building your brand and letting the whole world know what you represent, what people can expect, and what core values you have.

One of the biggest challenges a marketer faces is to produce content that will ultimately help drive sales. Content can take many forms, from blog posts to videos, infographics to podcasts, and beyond. However the key is always to provide great content. Content that your prospects and customers alike will find valuable. Content that will encourage prospects to buy, and customers to buy again.

With the newest Twitter header it's essential that you maximize this redesign to help your branding or social media marketing.

Competitive Set will influence your competitive advantage. What products you develop, which consumers you target, where you sell the products and how you advertise and promote them.

To quote a famous fellow Irishman (he’s famous, I’m Irish) George Bernard Shaw, playwright, once said; “The single biggest problem […]

Branding is not an easy task. Sure, a right marketing strategy coupled with tweaks around social presence might do the trick, but your employees are a part of what makes your brand whole.

When attracting new users to your product or service, you need to ensure you are targeting the prospects that will […]

Here’s our Pinterest picks from amongst many articles and blogs so you can discover how to use pinterest more effectively.

Business cards have always been there to aid any company in more ways than one. It wasn’t created just to […]