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At Angel Marketing we were delighted recently to have won the award for marketing excellence. I'm going to look at why businesses and business people should enter awards and how to use them to help your business if you've win, or even if you haven't. Hopefully I will then follow my own advice

The speaker was recommending that the members of the audience switch from buying branded milk and other goods to buying own brand. The argument being that it is much cheaper and it is same product, same producer, same cows and the insinuation that this is still supporting the producer.

The only way to know whether your marketing is performing or not is to measure it. As you measure, you gain intelligence on which marketing activities work for your brand and which don't. Using this information to change your marketing plans as you go along will make your marketing work harder and harder and increase your ROI.

It is with a hypocritical tear in my eye, that I write the final list post I shall ever write as both an ode and “sayanora” to playing it safe – Five reasons you shouldn’t use a list in your post:

Paying attention to what you present in your newsletter and how you present it will help you create a quality dialogue with your clients. You’ll be selling by giving, which is the most effective kind of selling of all.

Before you go about developing your business' brand and image you must first answer the question: how different do you want to be?

If you keep up to speed with the latest developments in the tech world, you’ll probably have heard that there is a new kid in town threatening to steal the crown of Social Media. It’s called...

One senior manager from Sage in North America made a very valid point about how the size of the firm, culture and even the location can play a huge role in the expected behaviour of employees. He also made the point..

Selling on the Internet is an ideal situation; I mean, all those potential shoppers searching in cyber-shopper heaven, and you don't need to lift a finger. You're happy with your glass...

Email newsletters offer one of the highest returns on investment in online marketing, second only to search marketing. But it only works when you do it right...