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Competitive Set will influence your competitive advantage. What products you develop, which consumers you target, where you sell the products and how you advertise and promote them.

To quote a famous fellow Irishman (he’s famous, I’m Irish) George Bernard Shaw, playwright, once said; “The single biggest problem […]

Branding is not an easy task. Sure, a right marketing strategy coupled with tweaks around social presence might do the trick, but your employees are a part of what makes your brand whole.

When attracting new users to your product or service, you need to ensure you are targeting the prospects that will […]

Here’s our Pinterest picks from amongst many articles and blogs so you can discover how to use pinterest more effectively.

Business cards have always been there to aid any company in more ways than one. It wasn’t created just to […]

Success is All About Repeat. Not Trial. Too many marketers spend too much time focusing on getting “Trial” for their products […]

I have experienced the day-to-day pros (e.g. the nearly endless well of marketing knowledge) and cons (e.g. the cost) of working with an ad agency from the perspective of the agency itself as well as from the perspective of the client.

3 questions that had the owners of Stagecoaches asked themselves they may have survived as robust and booming businesses. They seem simple and obvious questions, but how you answer them will determine if your business lasts the test of time.

This article is about using your imagination to differentiate your brand. It includes two examples that show what a little imagination can do as a foundation for a successful business.