Sarah Ryan

Sarah Ryan is an Online Marketing & Communications manager with 7 years experience. After being located in San Francisco for 2 years, Sarah returned to Dublin in early 2012.

Posts by Sarah Ryan:

Top 5 Reasons Your Company Should Have A Facebook Page

In this blog post I highlight 5 main reasons for having a company Facebook page.

Why Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time (And What You Should Be Doing Instead)

I’m not saying that with perseverance, and a lot of time, you can’t secure some meetings through cold calling, but at what expense? Staff have spent time and energy convincing a handful of people to agree to a meeting and that’s it.

Dark Social Explained – What It Means For Your Website Traffic Analytics

Dark social describes the portion of 'direct traffic' website visits that come from social shares, but that can't be quantified. Learn more ...

Drive Sales By Offering Valuable Content - Lessons From Hollywood

One of the biggest challenges a marketer faces is to produce content that will ultimately help drive sales. Content can take many forms, from blog posts to videos, infographics to podcasts, and beyond. However the key is always to provide great content. Content that your prospects and customers alike will find valuable. Content that will encourage prospects to buy, and customers to buy again.

12 Irrational SEO Biases Debunked By Rand Fishkin

A summary of Rand Fishkin's presentation on how irrational SEO biases are holding us back from great opportunities & how to turn the biases on their head for big wins ...

Shell’s Arctic Ready Campaign: Epic Social Media Fail?

If you go to the Arctic Ready website, you will see a site very similar to Shell’s main corporate website. […]

6 Things To Look For When Hiring A Digital Marketer

If you are looking to hire a digital / online marketer for your company, be sure to get someone who can “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk”. Below are some tips to help you select the right CVs for your interview shortlist

Why SEO Is Not Optional – A Back To Basics Guide

Some businesses seem to think SEO is an optional part of operating online – which it completely is – assuming you also think being found by potential clients online is also an optional part of your business.