Roisin Bell

Revealing opportunities, pitfalls and the true value of the market a business is entering, Roisin uses research to helping companies to successfully grow and expand their business. Roisin's work is backed up with 15 years' experience in desk based market research for business of all shapes and sizes, from start ups to blue chips.

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Among other things, I carry out feasibility studies for start-up or developing businesses: sizing their markets, identifying important trends, doing competitive analysis and the like. Typically my projects are one-off and usually require between 3 and 10 days’ work.

Twitter: The Emperor's New Clothes?

It’s been bothering me for a while that when it comes to online business networking, I seem to be living in two different worlds. First, there’s work; where EVERYTHING I read tells me that everyone is on Twitter...

Work At Home, Live At Home, Get Me Out Of Here!

I took up running recently and joined a club. Now, I'm pretty much hooked on it. Running has all the advantages one would expect: fitness, weight loss and general sense of well-being...

Research can reveal both good and bad news: use it to confirm your hopes and expectations for a new market - but also to reveal any problems that may lie ahead.