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Paula Ronan heads up Angel Marketing - an award-winning marketing agency in Ireland. Paula's experience in developing marketing stratgies, marketing plans and campaigns ranges from Coca-cola, BT, Sky TV to Today FM, Publishing Ireland, DoneDeal and lots of growing and start up businesses. Likes - strategy, creativity, integrity and straight-talking!

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The Truth About Brands

Recently I was drawn into an argument, oh let's call it a debate, about whether a brand name should be based on the truth or not.

You've Won! Now What?

At Angel Marketing we were delighted recently to have won the award for marketing excellence. I'm going to look at why businesses and business people should enter awards and how to use them to help your business if you've win, or even if you haven't. Hopefully I will then follow my own advice

The speaker was recommending that the members of the audience switch from buying branded milk and other goods to buying own brand. The argument being that it is much cheaper and it is same product, same producer, same cows and the insinuation that this is still supporting the producer.

Make Sure You Measure Up!

The only way to know whether your marketing is performing or not is to measure it. As you measure, you gain intelligence on which marketing activities work for your brand and which don't. Using this information to change your marketing plans as you go along will make your marketing work harder and harder and increase your ROI.

It's a fact that if specific objectives are not set out before any marketing activity takes place, the success of the activity will be less than it could be and it will be much harder to measure it (you might be better off not knowing!).

Part three, in the "Do or Die Marketing Plan", is about defining your offering: a vital excercise as how on earth can your customers buy from you if they don't understand what it is that you are selling?

Now, usually, the reason for a business wanting to target everyone is that they don't want to miss out on any section of the population that might want to buy their brand, but experience shows that we must focus on a primary target audience...

A good marketing strategy begins with a clear and precise understanding of your brand identity. Attempt to build your marketing without getting this absolutely right and you risk expensive failure...