Lewis Evans

If meditation is all about being in the here and now, then premeditation must be something to do with being in the now before we get there, which is nuts. But isn't that what we try to do? Isn't that what planning is? Once you realize this, the advantages of being in the here and now start to become apparent. If I can learn to respond to real situations rather than future uncertainties, isn't that a better use of my time? Isn't that more empowering? Isn't it just a whole lot more sane?

Why Sitting Pretty Inevitably Ends Up Pretty Ugly

Growth driven by a culture of creativity ensures sustainable success, since the focus is on being aware of customers and markets, sustaining curiosity and being open to new developments and scenarios. Companies that adopt such a culture thrive and get noticed. I’m sure you can think of some. They know that bottom-line growth follows the sustained commitment to passion that in turn drives creativity.

ROI Is Dead – Vive Le Roi!

When scrutinized, many arguments justifying ROI specifically delivered by social media are dead in the water. But it’s The Big One for businesses that are encouraged and cajoled to sink valuable time and/or money (usually both) into a digital tsunami they know is coming because their familiar shoreline has just been sucked out beyond their vision.

While it is supposedly key to their success, SMEs often have an uneasy relationship with the Internet. It’s a problem with many dimensions. Maybe the logical answer is to find ways to empower SMEs to get the information they need. So here’s an idea.

It’s a constant challenge to keep re-inventing myself—adjusting and repositioning, learning and growing, staying in touch with new developments while staying in touch with my values, and absorbing or editing out information, according to how I want to define ‘me’.

My Chat With Seth

While success is nothing to do with money, survival is everything to do with creativity. It’s an innate part of us and a measure of our ability to evolve as a species. However, we all too often shift responsibility from ourselves to others.

In customer service, there's a big difference between pleasing and performing. I even wonder, sometimes, if customer service is anything to do with customers and service, rather than playing the numbers game...

Switch On Your Amazing Power

Working for yourself. It all started as a dream, a vision, an inspiration, didn’t it? Freedom from office politics, other people’s agendas, the 9-to-5 routine (that seemed to somehow become a 9-to-9 routine). So, what have you achieved?