John O' Gorman

John O’ Gorman is a Business to Business sales coach who works with sales teams and sales managers across Europe to pinpoint sales performance opportunities and barriers to growth. John has recently co-authored “The B2B Sales Revolution -” and “Quick Win B2B Selling”. The B2B Sales Revolution is the first ever book written on selling in conjunction with buyers from Fortune 1000 organizations.

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An old professor had a simple, yet powerful formula for pre-qualifying opportunities and markets - that is the 3 Ps of pre-qualification. Can its application earlier in the sales cycle avoid a lot of set-backs and surprises?

Fortress Buying – Why Won’t Buyers Let You In?

More and more professional buyers are adopting a ‘fortress mindset’ in their approach to dealing with sellers.

Easy Prey For Aggressive Buyers?

With more sellers chasing fewer customers these days, do B2B buyers have the upper hand? Well, according to buyers themselves, the answers is yes. However...

Intel recently announced another advance in chip technology that is expected to result in a doubling of computer processing power. Now you may be wondering what computer chip technology has got to do with selling. Well, quite a lot as it turns out...

I had the opportunity to work with some great B2B sellers and sophisticated process driven buyers over the past month from London, Brisbane, Dublin and New York. While working with them, we noted a number of key insights...

BUYER Process Trumps Sales Process

As professional business people it is incumbent on us to understand what steps are involved in our customer buying process, what activities will take place in each step and who will be involved across the process...

Overhaul the sales process or fine tune it?

Over the last ten days sales managers in three major firms outlined how their sales process needed to be changed, it wasn’t working and in particular it wasn’t helping to generate new opportunities.

Time for lateral thinking about B2B selling

You have no doubt heard the saying ‘discovery is not about seeking out new lands, but looking at existing lands with new eyes’. Well, that pretty much sums up the rationale behind lateral, or creative thinking.