Fred Caballero

Fred is Creative Director at Channelship, a strategic web and social media agency. He is responsible for leading web projects and conducting social media training and strategy for companies. He works directly with key accounts, particularly in creative and strategic capabilities. Fred is also a Co-Founder here at

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We are excited to announce today that Anita Campbell is coming onboard as a new partner and CEO of Bloggertone. This is a great milestone for the Bloggertone project.

How To Resurrect Your LinkedIn Contacts And Get Free PR

I met Matt Phelan, Director of 4P's Marketing a few months ago at the Digital Lounge networking event in London. After that, we connected on LinkedIn and stayed in touch...

10 Reasons To Join Bloggertone In 2011 has grown significantly in the past year, developing a very strong business community. Hundreds of professionals have joined us already to "talk/blog about business" and there are many others to come. But why?

Are you interested in getting your own business video pitch for free? Dublin City Enterprise Board and Channelship Web Agency will help you make your 2011 more successful with online video. Here's how it works in THREE easy steps!

How To Borrow An Audience

Many of us regularly attend business networking events. Have you ever wondered if there's a fast track to be in the spotlight so more people remember you and your company?

How To Deliver a Powerful Follow Up Message

The majority of people in business are aware of this thing called "follow up". Many don't really practice it (huge missed opportunity) but those that do, simple send that simple email with a message in the lines of "great to meet you yesterday..."

What a Great Year!

It has been a wonderful year in which our community has grown substantially and our path is getting stronger and closer to what we want to be, a Business Blogging Community of choice...

Want to do something FUN?

This weekend, when you're enjoying the sun, bring your digital camera (on video mode) or camcorder, Flip cam, get in front of it and say any of the following: