Facundo Villaveiran

Facundo is a founder here at Tweak Your Biz (formerly) Bloggertone and a director at Dublin based Web Agency Channelship, where he works with directly with key accounts, particularly in creative and strategic capabilities. Naturally involved in Bloggertone's and Channelship’s business development and promotional efforts, he enjoys networking in the Irish Business scene.

Posts by Facundo Villaveiran:

The HP SugarTone Ebook Is Out!

It is a pleasure to announce that we finally edited the first SugarTone ebook, featuring the best posts in the contest. This is another avenue to showcase the bloggers' expertise and expand the reach of your articles...

Worky.com: One month free membership for Bloggertone readers

Worky is a new LinkedIn/ Ning type platform with the huge difference that is aimed at all types of professionals and not mainly at the "Corporate type".

HP SugarTone: Making Your Business Amazing

Bloggertone and BizSugar would like to announce our second Sugartone Sweet Business Blogging Contest called: HP SugarTone: Making your business amazing. We are delighted to welcome HP onboard as sponsors for this event. In case you missed the last one, here’s how it will work with just a few small changes.

3 thoughts on growing your business in the coming years

I was at the Irish Internet Association's Annual Conference held in Dublin yesterday, where the theme was "Vision 2020". I could only stay during the morning, but it was worth my while, with some good presentations, some "same old", and some thoughts that I brought back with me

Bloggertone's improved look

After about 3 months of life and very valuable feedback from all of you, some housekeeping was required. We have reworked the different sections and upgraded some functionalities to present this business blogging community more efficiently...

10 Minutes Street Network in Dublin

The 10 Minutes Street Network” offers a novel, unique and fun opportunity for business people to connect, meet up and “street network”.

Can't afford a launch party? Throw a #twineup instead

Last Friday, Bloggertone's launch was followed by a right old #twineup If you don't know what this is don't worry. This kind of events not only show that you can't beat spontaneity, but also that if there are good waves around whatever it is you do...

Dublin Web Summit

Nearly 100 organisations, many of them start ups and small businesses, have now booked their tickets to the Dublin Web Summit. You will find a selection of 50 of those organisations from all over Europe on our website. http://www.dublinwebsummit.com.