Emma Wimhurst

As a business woman I have a matter-of-fact approach to finance. If you want to make a profit you need to have more money coming in then going out.

People frequently forget the main purpose of marketing: communication. Marketing allows you to communicate to your future and current customers...

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Is Anybody Listening?

Once upon a time news was delivered on the local green by the Town Crier. His three cries commanded a respectful silence and the attention of everyone who listened attentively to his announcement...

What’s the balance in your business current account right now? Can you tell me? I hope you can – and right down to the very last penny too!

Where do you score on the passion stakes?

If you have passion working hard will not be a hardship because you know that every effort you put in should and will reap rewards – from which you will benefit.

Is everything in your business going to plan?

Planning your business is vital. Without it, you’ll take more risks, make more mistakes, underestimate the competition and undervalue your customers.