Elli St.George Godfrey

Is Your Business a Microclimate?

Businesses which are more fertile microclimates are less vulnerable to the "weather" of the economy or other market variations. Their managers and leaders do certain things that make it possible to...

Taking the Irreversible Step

Decision point. We know that having a vision for your organisation is more than a fantasy of what the business could be. This is scary stuff to act on our desires. It sounds so grandiose...

How To Be an E.G.G.

Do you feel as if the momentum you started with at the new year is slipping away? Are you an […]

Failure, Success, and Can-Do Attitude

What is in your philosophical soup? Not only are there national ideas about failure and success but there are class definitions and family definitions...

Finding Your "Can-Do" Attitude

One of the most pervasive themes in American thought comes out of the pioneering spirit that settled and built a nation. It's the "Can-Do" attitude. It's really not unique to America though.

Later Isn't Coming: 5 Strategies to Stop Procrastination

Tired of last minute rushes to get things done? Wonder why you seem to lose things or forget where you […]

Are You an Agent of Change?

One of the top ten skills needed to be an effective leader is managing change. The day-to-day operations command our attention but this can become the death spiral of our small businesses.

Would You Really Do That?

What would you do for a million euros? Not only does this raise questions about one's value system but it opens the floodgates of our imagination and our fears.