Elli St.George Godfrey

Growing a business locally or internationally takes a different mindset; the CEO Mindset. Elli St.George-Godfrey, a behavioral economics coach, international expansion consultant and founder of Ability Success Growth, uses her 3 Keys Coaching process to help business owners and executives in the US, Ireland and Northern Ireland to unlock the CEO within. Under her guidance, personal styles are fine-tuned allowing the senior leader to “authentically inhabit” the role of CEO and collaborate with their team more effectively. With this focus on both the people and the organization in which they work, Elli’s market-proven coaching helps leaders and their teams develop styles and capabilities which enables them to collaborate and effectively join together to optimize the business outcomes.

Posts by Elli:

How Systems Thinking Makes You An Effective Leader

Due to complexity, it makes far more sense for leaders to look at their companies through the lens of systems thinking.

Your Small Business Is Growing But Will You Grow With It?

One common trait in small business owners/executives is that they are not afraid to get their hands dirty. If there […]

If it were just about getting the work done, we'd all be super productive. What if everything you thought you knew about time management is wrong?

Take Advantage Of Mindful Management: 9 Things To Consider

Mindfulness and its benefits to leaders is a hot topic. Consider advantages of mindful management for less stress, productivity and a positive staff

As the year closes, you might find yourself imagining what could happen next. Just think...an untouched year of building on your existing foundation. Strategic planning is all about what your business will become and a crucial piece of preparation. So, why do so many of us believe myths about strategic planning that actually keep our companies from growing? Here are 7 myths to debunk in your own small to mid-sized business.

Should You Fire Yourself Before Your Business Grows Again?

There can be a point in a business when the current business owner has to determine if he/she is the best person to lead a growth stage. How do you know if you still have the fire in the belly to grow your business? Is it time to hire someone to be CEO instead of you? How do you know if you should fire yourself before your business grows again?

Becoming CEO Of Your Small Business Means Finding Right Habits

You know those posts that tell you the traits of successful people? This is isn't one of those posts. Often what is left out is the work and habits successful small business owners use to create their success. So, when you ask yourself, "what am I going to do?", remember they had to do the work of finding what works for them. Becoming CEO of your small business means finding your "right" habits.

How To Be The Sun When Leading Change In Your Small Business

Every now and then, a children’s story catches my attention in an unexpected way. Recently I was reading Aesop’s The Sun and the Wind.