Elli St.George Godfrey

Elli St.George Godfrey guides small business owners as they expand in their own community or internationally using her 3 Keys Coaching process helps clients not only navigate growth stages. With each stage of the 3 Keys coaching process, we tackle strategic planning, goal setting, managing change, organizational development and managing the stress and feelings of overwhelm that often plague small to mid-size business owners and executives. This results in clients feeling confident in identifying and developing strategies to be more effective leaders, plan more creatively, increase revenues and overcome the fears and obstacles that interfere with building thriving small to mid-sized businesses. I am also Chief Community Manager of Kaizen Biz and Host of Twitter chat, #KaizenBiz (a chat that uses the concept of "kaizen" for continual improvement in how we think and act in business). Please visit www.abilitysuccessgrowth.com/about/ to learn more and I look forward to meeting you in a complimentary coaching session.

Posts by Elli:

3 Questions Before You Start Your Next Business Growth Phase

Many a great plan for growth has succeeded or died due to the business owner's ability to manage his or her thoughts and feelings. No matter what is driving the growth, there are three questions to answer...

Before You Grow, What's In Your Strategic Plan?

Quick question-where is your business going this year? In light of all the economic turmoil we've experienced in the last few years, there is a sense of pride that we've survived so far. The logical...

Goal Setting Run Amok?

We hear a lot of goal setting and, as a coach, this is one of the most common activities I do with my clients. So how could goal setting be bad?

Achieving The CEO Mindset For Small Business Success

Is it time to stop being the “senior expert” and step up and be the CEO of your small business? Learn how to use the CEO mindset to avoid the bumps and bruises many small business owners encounter when they grow out of their senior expert role. And get ready to position yourself for real growth!

Business Networking And Culture Clash

Did you see this article about how the Irish need to do less chit-chat and more "networking? It got me wondering about culture and doing business globally as well as within our local regions. Is this simply a clash of business cultures?

Leading Your Teams Beyond Fear And Panic

One key factor that has created distress has been the slow economic recovery but there are other aspects that challenge organizations. Limited resources, limited personnel and organizational inertia can eat away at a leader’s morale and ability to provide effective management...

5 Reasons Why Your Business Is Not At Square One

So, maybe you are starting over and you might be wondering if you're ready for all that work again? It doesn't really matter if you are starting over due to some sort of macro-economic event or not...

What Is a "Real" Business Owner Part 2

In the first part of this post, I talked about how learning to play the bass guitar has parallels to developing one's identity as a small business owner...