Elaine Rogers

The Mindset Of An Entrepreneur

Becoming self employed after being in employment is not an easy task, by any standards, but if I had to say ONLY one thing… if you have a dream, the energy, the FIRE, to create something and make money from it...

Too Busy To Blog

Actually, I really don’t have time to blog, my life is so busy. But I think about it all the time, I think to myself “I really should sit down and spend an hour researching and writing a blog”. Then I think...

Networking To Make A Difference

What a pointless exercise: going to a network event to sell your brand, business or latest product, when everyone is there to do exactly the same thing. There is nothing more frustrating than coming home with 28 busines cards...

The Silent Partners

We often think of the real helpers as banks, enterprise boards, mentors, coaches, and they are always in our sights as we drive our new business out of the safety of our dreams into broad daylight.

If you are starting a business, or in the process of expanding, think of the silent partners helping you quietly propel your business and your confidence to the next level.

Another Day, not another Dollar!

Give, and you get back. If you are an expert in your field and manage to extract huge sums of money for your time, giving a percentage of that time for free will empower both you and the receiver. What comes around, goes around...

Is your Business getting its 5-A-Day?

Nutrition is often top of the list for a healthy mind and body. Don’t forget that if you run a business, it is also organic, growing, and in need of nutrition...

The Contrails of Business

Business people are similar the way they go through their business day. Some will speed in, make a lot of noise, some will “arrive” and leave a lingering impression well after they have gone. So you could wonder which has the longer lasting impression?

Business Preparation is Key!

If we do not built a strong foundation, then the structure on which it stands, will not stand the test of time. It takes time to set up a business, that time varying depending on the type, size, shape and location. So what needs to be in place, for the business to stand the test of time?