Elaine Rogers

What does it take to be a great leader? Amongst other skills and qualities, we focus on Self-Confidence and why it is the No.1 Leadership quality to possess

Blogging: Club Member Or Lone Ranger?

Blogging by definition is a display of web log posts, normally in reverse chronological order. It can be a company blog, personal blog or business blog. Blogs can be the work of a single individual, a small group, or (more recently) multiple authors.

Time Management is a contradiction in itself! It is also a myth! Two dangerous statements I often make during training […]

Password Protection Top Tips

Password protection is becoming harder and harder. Generating passwords is one of those have-to-do tasks. These tips will help you generate clever and secure passwords.

A Funky Name, a Funky Business, and a Funky girl. That’s certainly what the Irish Dragons thought of Samantha Kelly […]

Oprah endorsed the iPad in her TOP 2010 things to love. The iPad and other tablets have become an important aspect of productivity and working on the move.

I had the pleasure recently of interviewing Bill Liao, an Australian entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist based in Ireland.
Bill is co-founder of Coderdojo, co-founder of Xing.com, founder of WeForest.org and venture partner with SOS Ventures

5 Easy Work Related Stress Busters

What small multiple things do you get stressed over on a daily basis? Or is it a few but large things? In this post we will discuss 5 of the top work related stress busters.