Elaine Rogers

Elaine Rogers is a Business Training & Development Specialist. She provides training and coaching in the areas of IT Skills, Business Skills, and Soft Skills. Elaine has just launched a new online training store at http://www.thesmarttrain.com that provides videos and workshops in the areas of IT, Business and Soft Skills.

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Time Management: Are You Being Efficient Or Effective?

Time Management is a contradiction in itself! It is also a myth! Two dangerous statements I often make during training […]

Password Protection Top Tips

Password protection is becoming harder and harder. Generating passwords is one of those have-to-do tasks. These tips will help you generate clever and secure passwords.

TweakYourBiz TV Talks With Samantha Kelly Of Funky Goddess

A Funky Name, a Funky Business, and a Funky girl. That’s certainly what the Irish Dragons thought of Samantha Kelly […]

What Can Oprah Teach You About Productivity Apps For The iPad?

Oprah endorsed the iPad in her TOP 2010 things to love. The iPad and other tablets have become an important aspect of productivity and working on the move.

I had the pleasure recently of interviewing Bill Liao, an Australian entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist based in Ireland.
Bill is co-founder of Coderdojo, co-founder of Xing.com, founder of WeForest.org and venture partner with SOS Ventures

Think about the last time you went shopping for clothes, electronics, shoes, or computers in your local town or shopping centre. How did you approach the store? Did you know what you wanted in advance, or thought about finding a helpful shop assistant? Lets have a look at how availing of proper training for your business is akin to a having a Personal Shopper.

5 Easy Work Related Stress Busters

What small multiple things do you get stressed over on a daily basis? Or is it a few but large things? In this post we will discuss 5 of the top work related stress busters.

TweakYourBiz TV Talks With Mike McGrath Of Supply.ie

Mike has been recently appointed by the European Commission to an expert group to advise on how a switch to e-procurement that could save between €50bn and €70bn across Europe every year. The European Commission has recognised Mike as an expert in the field of e-procurement.