Elaine Rogers

5 Easy Work Related Stress Busters

What small multiple things do you get stressed over on a daily basis? Or is it a few but large things? In this post we will discuss 5 of the top work related stress busters.

Mike has been recently appointed by the European Commission to an expert group to advise on how a switch to e-procurement that could save between €50bn and €70bn across Europe every year. The European Commission has recognised Mike as an expert in the field of e-procurement.

Management Styles - Theory X And Theory Y

Basic human needs are the fundamental aspects of human nature. Values, beliefs, and customs differ from country to country and […]

Always on the lookout for interesting Entrepreneurs to speak with and learn from, I hooked up with Sean O'Sullivan to find out more about his business ventures and what he has been up to recently. Sean, who is credited with co-inventing the term “cloud computing,” is Ireland’s latest Dragon, on RTE's Dragons Den.

I Am A Presenter, Get Me Out Of Here!

One of the top human fears is the fear of public speaking. Another is the fear of death. But imagine that for some, the No. 1 fear can be actually dying whilst speaking in public. If the thought of standing up in front of a crowd is worse than death itself, read on for some tips on how to overcome that.

The Business Owner's Self-Care Manual For 2012

You may have already reviewed 2011 and set your goals and aspirations for 2012. If you have not already thought about how you operate WITHIN your business, here are some guidelines to help you focus on what is important for yourself as a business owner

Presentation Tips - The GROW Model

Do you struggle with the thought of presenting? Speaking in public? Standing up in a meeting to demo something or show some charts? Well read on and learn how you can make it easier for yourself

2010 was also the year Frank Hannigan became Executive Chairman of Goshido, an Irish Software Start Up company. Frank single-handedly used LinkedIn in order to raise $230,000. This all happened in eight days.