Derbhile Graham

Why Good Editing Makes Good Business Sense

You’ve submitted all the documents you’ve been asked to submit. You know exactly what you’re going to say. When you go through your material, you discover a howling typo. Ah, it’ll be grand, you think. They’re not going to turn down your business

What Journalists Really Want from Your Press Release

Local media is still a powerful way to publicise yourself. People plug into it to see if they spot anyone they know. If you supply real news to local journalists, they’ll be grateful to have something solid to fill their outlet with. And you’ll achieve your goal of promoting your business.

How To Create a Newsletter That Won't Be Spammed

Paying attention to what you present in your newsletter and how you present it will help you create a quality dialogue with your clients. You’ll be selling by giving, which is the most effective kind of selling of all.

Using Internet Forums To Market Your Business

Registering on a forum will help you tap into what they're thinking. You can reply to their posts, give advice and solve their problems. There are now as many forums on the Internet as there are businesses...

Elevate Your Business With An Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate. The simpler your description of your business is, the easier it is for people to grasp what it is you do and ultimately to buy from you...

Getting Media Coverage When There's No News

Large sections of the media are taken up with opinion and trendspotting. If you’re in a service-based business, you can take advantage of this and build your profile...

What's Your Networking Style?

The DISC personality profiling system identifies four different networking styles that people roughly fit into. We’re all a mix of the four styles, but one style usually dominates. See if you can spot which style you are...

Link Up with Your LinkedIn Reading List

When you’ve chosen your book, LinkedIn will invite you to add a comment telling people why you’ve chosen to read this book and if you’ve finished it, what you’ve thought of it...