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As many who run small businesses have come to find over time, they wish they would have spent some more time involving themselves in the hiring process, finding that the wrong candidate was hired without their knowledge.

Do you have someone in your office who oversees the dispensing of paychecks and other compensation needs, or do you have an outside agency handling such matters?

Will Your Online Reputation Cost You Business?

Think about the importance of your online reputation and more specifically, is it really what it should be? If the answer is no on both ends, then you definitely have some work to do moving forward.

4 Tips To Find The Right Commercial Auto Insurance

Now is a good time for small business owners to review the coverage they have when looking for a commercial auto insurance plan for their business

Did you run up a decent amount of personal debt over the years? Did you make some bad decisions in a prior business, therefore resulting in a large amount of credit card debt? Have you defaulted on one or more credit cards and essentially did not pay the bill?

If your small business has not been offering mobile payments up to now, is 2013 the time for you to become more mobile?

Does Your Company Take A Social Approach?

Most of us know that social media is more than just a buzz term. For the millions and millions of people and businesses that partake in social media on a daily basis, it is their lifeline in many cases to the outside world. They oftentimes get their news, advertise their businesses and browse and make purchases online all from this social medium.

Is Your Sales Manager Asleep At The Wheel?

With 2012 off and running, many small businesses are looking to make their return on investment (ROI) more productive than the last 12 months. In the event your company’s sales are lagging behind where they should be, it never hurts to stop and look at the head of sales and see if he or she is properly managing the team