Connor Keppel

Controversy - Packing A Powerful Marketing Punch

Yes it can cause hullabaloo and while 50% of the audience may despise your techniques, 50% may indeed love it. Don’t be nervous of stirring the pot if you feel you’re not going to cause major offence.

Tips for ‘Righting’ Copy

I have the luxury of being presented with material and donning the editing hat. Being on both sides of the fence has given me a unique perspective and taught me a great deal. Here are a few tips that may help you get that perfect brief and a quick turn-around

What I Learned From Luxury

Call me naive, or indeed a marketer who’s every marketers dream, but I love luxury. Since I was a kid I’ve always had a fascination with the luxurious, particularly in the area of cars and watches.

I recently had one very refreshing conversation with a marketing director in the FMCG industry. This particular individual was very clear about the role of social media in their marketing plan – it had one core purpose: to communicate their brand to a younger audience

Five Reasons You SHOULDN’T Use A List

It is with a hypocritical tear in my eye, that I write the final list post I shall ever write as both an ode and “sayanora” to playing it safe – Five reasons you shouldn’t use a list in your post:

Hyperactive Hype: Social Media? Not Again!

I even wonder if we are going to kill it for some people because we simply can’t stop following every tiny change and many could be accused of blowing things out of proportion.

One senior manager from Sage in North America made a very valid point about how the size of the firm, culture and even the location can play a huge role in the expected behaviour of employees. He also made the point..

Real Innovation Through Social Media

"Using" social media doesn't mean innovation. The definition of innovation according to Peter Drucker is “...any change that creates an added dimension of performance”. Social media is a chance for us...