Christina Giliberti

An Analysis Of Presidential Election Candidates On Facebook

As we draw to a close for the presidential election on 30th October, I took the time to snoop the candidate's Facebook was like delving into the cookie jar ten minutes before eating dinner; irrisistable, risky and very tasty!

Social Media Sicknesses: Love And Hate

Hands up if you're sick of social media! Hands up if you love it so much, you have to log in every day, at least six times! It may be unoffical, but those love-hate symptons are signs of social media sickness.

The 10 Tell-Tale Signs Of Social Burnout

You may think this a bizarre question, but to sustain that ‘in the moment zing’ should social interactions be a bit more spaced out? Should we be spending time ‘building up to the social’, or should we just let it flow over us and sweep us along?

Understanding the B2B Customer

In last month's post, I discussed the thought process of B2C (Business to Consumer) customers. Today, we're going to look at how B2B (Business to Consumer) customers think.

Understanding The B2C Customer

If I had a euro for every person I've spoken to over the last ten years who thought that B2B […]

Retailers: How To Sell Online In 60 Seconds

Selling on the Internet is an ideal situation; I mean, all those potential shoppers searching in cyber-shopper heaven, and you don't need to lift a finger. You're happy with your glass...

Help! The World's Been Taken Over By Bloggers

The web is full of blogs and bloggers: an alien mix of opinions, recommendations, tips, tricks and guides. All virtally hanging in cyber space...waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting reader...

Is Your Digital Self More Powerful Than You?

As a huge fan of South Park (I virtually see all mutual fans nodding); I'm always amazed at how on-trend they are with their episodes. A recent(ish) favourite is the one about how powerful your Facebook profile is...