Christina Giliberti

3 BIG Considerations For Today's Retailers

High street retailers are dropping like flies – HMV, Jessops and Game are just a few that we have waved goodbye to in the last 12 months. But could they have change their fate? My 3 BIG considerations are all important points for retail owners and may well save their businesses.

Socially Interactive Street-Based Digital Campaigns

At last - digital is finally becoming accessible in a place that we can all appreciate it to the full - the street! As radical digital advancements move offline, not only are we seeing the technology divide slip away, but we can experience digital is a more physical (and natural) way.

Season Of ‘Rocking’ Social Concepts: Top 5

This post highlights the top 5 rocking social concepts (and digital) to hit the internet pre-Christmas 2012. You’ll be amazed how the theme of ‘giving’ has spread across the internet like viral wildfire to include weekly giving offers, yearly charity crusades and one off hyped up events.

The Holy Grail of Online Engagement (In 15 Steps)

Every business online WANTS fans but NEEDS engagement. Engagement drives conversations, it amplifys the visibility of your status updates, it gives you credibility and it produces loyal followers. Consider the lack of custom in an empty restauran and you'll understand that activity breeds activity.

Five Potential Digital Futures

But when you're slap-bang in the middle of the industry, it's an even wiser idea to map out the potential digital futures well ahead of time and start warning the rest of what to expect. In my post today I will be presenting five potential digital futures based on some recent topical posts.

Online Ethics #Fails

The internet is a beautiful place for businesses, yet many users risk spoiling it because they fail to understand online ethics. With the EU/ACTA quickening the pace to clamp down online privacy, sharing and freedom of expression; these actions are now under the spotlight.With the EU/ACTA quickening the pace to clamp down online privacy, sharing and freedom of expression; these actions are now under the spotlight.

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The Rise Of Social Celebrities

The digital landscape is changing. The search engines, social mediaand advertising as we know it, are going to require a whole new game, new set of rules and possibly a script. Confused? I'm talking about the era of social celebrities.