Christina Giliberti

3 BIG Considerations For Today's Retailers

High street retailers are dropping like flies – HMV, Jessops and Game are just a few that we have waved goodbye to in the last 12 months. But could they have change their fate? My 3 BIG considerations are all important points for retail owners and may well save their businesses.

Socially Interactive Street-Based Digital Campaigns

At last - digital is finally becoming accessible in a place that we can all appreciate it to the full - the street! As radical digital advancements move offline, not only are we seeing the technology divide slip away, but we can experience digital is a more physical (and natural) way.

Season Of ‘Rocking’ Social Concepts: Top 5

This post highlights the top 5 rocking social concepts (and digital) to hit the internet pre-Christmas 2012. You’ll be amazed how the theme of ‘giving’ has spread across the internet like viral wildfire to include weekly giving offers, yearly charity crusades and one off hyped up events.

Real Time Communications Are Killing Us Slowly

The changing pace of technology into real time communications means we could be killing ourselves slowly, but is this behaviour healthy? If you remember a day where no mobile phone would ring in your pocket, or the latest news would be published at the break of dawn, then you will certainly be able to appreciate the effect of real time communications in today's world.

The Art Of Experience Marketing

Any avid e-followers will know that the word on the virtual street is 'experience', but what does that mean for businesses using online and offline platforms?

Learning To Sell Online: People, Products And Promotion

Whether you're a long-time retailer or a start-up, the rules of selling online are much the same. Everything you do is centered around three areas: people, products and promotion.

12 Expressions That Measure Online Love

Digital marketers that only measure cold hard statistics are starting to shiver like the Mammoths during the ice age, because as we enter the age of social, the online world is beginning to heat up as everybody expresses online love in a tangible way. To coin a phase - we are adopting esocial.

As the timeline of social continues to deepen, the antithesis of social has began to rear it's ugly head. Here is a real-life example of an unsocial incident, with my tips on how to the turn the commenter from 'unsocial me' into 'social happy'.