Barney Austen

Budding entrepeneur working on software product solutions for business. My background is mainly operational and senior management roles in mobile telecoms and software houses. Areas of expertise include professional services, out-sourcing, team management and general operations management. I've made the conscious decision to create my own company having spent the last 20 years learning in the corporate world. In my contributions to this forum, I will share some insights and learnings that I've picked up along the way and hopefully they will be useful to some or all!

Posts by barneyausten:

Outsourcing – Some Tips To Making It Work

Your company has decided to outsource, a big step and hopefully one that will bring you exponential value. Outsourcing agreements, big or small, can all be made the more successful by following some practical steps.

Outsourcing Worth Considering?

Out-sourcing is not something to be afraid of. Correctly used, it can be a real benefit to your business growth and is worth the time invested in it.