Barney Austen

Social Media in Business: "It Doesn't Work"

Social media is still being looked at as a waste of time by many businesses.

MyProjectTracker - Open Beta

Project management does not need to be a big overhead on your organisation. Effective project management is about communication primarily while at the same time keeping tabs on your costs and timelines. MyProjectTracker helps your business do this - let us help you.

Small Business - David vs. Goliath!

Small business can often feel like David in a world of Goliaths'. How does a small business meet this challenge?

Meetings - A Total Waste Of Time

A meeting that is not constructively planned, lacks a purpose, is not properly conducted and ends with no action points is exactly that..

Market Research – But That’s REALLY Expensive!

Market research doesn't need to be expensive. It can be done very effectively on a shoe-string which is great from a business owners perspective when financing is tight!

It's About Your Customer, Not You!

When dealing with customer projects, we must maintain the realisation that the project is for our customers and not for us. We are doing it at their request and their needs must be to the forefront of project consideration at all times.

A New Business Idea - Now What?

You've decided to start a small business in Ireland. Where to go and get help!

Business Planning, Not a Business Plan!

To actually drive your business, what you need is a business development plan i.e. what are you going to do to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. A business development plan you say?