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Anton McCarthy is an ex-Googler, online marketing specialist and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping businesses get more out of their web presence and excel online. Anton has over 8 years experience in online marketing and product management, and has successfully delivered online marketing campaigns for various businesses, in addition to launching a number of online ventures.

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The 7 Day SEO Diet

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a really hot topic at the moment. In fact, even in the midst of a social media generation focussed on Facebook, Twitter et al, businesses still realise that search, and being found on Google, is of paramount importance in terms of succeeding and performing online.

There are, however, some considerations to keep in mind if you are planning to make the leap to the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship. In this article, I will explore some of these. Let's discover how you can examine them and turn them to your advantage, and perhaps even get the edge on your competition when you do decide to turn that business dream into a reality.