Amanda Webb

Hi I'm Amanda, a social media consultant and trainer who loves blogging. I work with small and medium sized businesses to help them develop social media strategies that work. I really enjoy developing my marketing and social media skills. I also love cats, cycling and cakes.

Posts by amandawebb:

6 Pros and 6 Cons Of Using Facebook Groups To Organise An Event

Recently we used Facebook groups as an organisational tool for the Bloggers International event. Facebook was a good fit for this event. Here’s why.

How Ryan Giggs Could Have Avoided The Twitter Crisis

British Soccer star, Ryan Giggs, recently took out a gagging order to prevent the press reporting on an extra marital affair he had. There was lots of speculation in the British media about which celebrities...

Making Facebook Welcome Pages Work For Your Small Business

Customised Facebook landing tabs have been growing in popularity for small businesses. Free and low cost applications such as Pagemodo allow you to easily create your own ‘Welcome page’ and...

Two Keys To Social Media Success

If you are using Social Media for your small business strategy will help keep you on the right track. These 2 keys will help you unlock Social Media success.