Aileen Hannan

Aileen is passionate about entrepreneurs getting their heads round financial control early on in their business. Like Oprah and Tommy Hilfiger, she believes it is the true key to success. As co-owner of Aisling Software Ltd, she provides SortMyBooks online accounts software and Financial Training for self-employed people. Her background is in programming and systems analysis, and having done the corporate thing in companies like Pepsi, Canada Dry and Coors Beer in New York, and the Department of Revenue and Tax on the island paradise of Guam, and GE Money in Dublin, when she started her own small business in Killarney, the traditional methods of bookkeeping and accounting and the traditionally low expectations for financial knowledge and control for self employed people frankly drove her mad. Together with her sister Anne, they found a better way and produced SortMyBooks Accounting software for small businesses, accompanied by the all-important Financial Control Training. The company headed into the Cloud Computing arena with the launch of SortMyBooks Online Accounting in 2010. This has brought even more flexibility to the busy entrepreneur who wants to watch their business grow from anywhere in the world. Just one year on, the software won the IIA Netvisionary award and was shortlisted for the Eircom Spiders. Aileen is happy to speak at any small business event where the focus is to simplify the concepts of accounting, tax, profit and financial control in general. Give her a call!

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