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#TYBtop20: The Most Popular Tweak Your Biz Articles During May, 2015

We’ve decided to increase our monthly TYB top 10 to a top 20.

So included in this month’s top 20 list, visual content tools, the best way to share on social, the four-hour social media strategy, difficult and zombie employees, advice from millionaires under 30, new Facebook features, the right TV for your digital menu board, your website’s homepage, online training platforms, mobile SEO and SEO helpers, options for migrating to the cloud, a guide to credit card processing, marketing to women, using website data to boost sales, domain name registration tools, introverts and extroverts, branding with the right message and why your content marketing might be failing.

#TYBtop20: The Most Popular Tweak Your Biz Articles During May, 2015

#1. Create Awesome Visual Content with these 16 Free and Almost Free Tools

Nowadays, you have to give customers something to notice, Samantha Millets looks at 16 inexpensive tools for creating great visual content.

#2 The Best Way to Share Your Social Media Content

Did you know that if you’re posting from Facebook to Twitter, many of your posts are getting cut off? Umar Khan from Social Cubix examines the best way(s) to share your content. 

#3. How to Master the Four-Hour Social Media Strategy

For many small businesses, the problem isn’t finding the right platform, it’s finding the time. Content partners, GetApp introduce their four-hour social media strategy.

#4. Zombie Employees Are Killing Your Business, And You’re Creating Them

“If going to work feels like walking onto the set of “The Walking Dead,” then your “leadership might be the cause of your office’s zombie apocalypse”, so says, founder of HPWP Consulting, Sue Bingham.

#5. You Too Could Be A Self Made Millionaire

The last five years have produced more young millionaires than all previous combined. CEO, Margarita Hakobyan highlights tips and quotes from people who made their first million before they were 30.

#6. New Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page In 2015

Want to know about new Facebook features that are currently available or will be coming soon. Brand Manager for Isentia.comElizabeth Victor provides you with the full lowdown.

#7. Tips for Choosing the Best TV for Your Digital Menu Boards

Selecting a TV for your digital menu board can be a diificult task. Jack Dowson examines the factors and special features you need to consider when selecting the right one.

#8. Top 8 Components Your Website Homepage Must Have for Marketing

It’s very important that you design your website homepage in the best way possible. William Johnson looks at 8 components to make your homepage the perfect marketing tool for your business.

#9. How to Manage the Most Difficult Employees

Employees need to be individually managed because they are all different. Laura Morrissey examines some of the issues managers find themselves having to deal with when managing difficult employees.

#10. Top 10 Online Training Platforms

One “way to make money online is to create and sell online courses”. Samantha Millets presents the top 10 online training platforms that will help you do just that.

#11. Top 7 Powerful SEO Helpers to Improve Your Marketing Strategies

SEO can seem daunting and mysterious but there are many tools that can help. Irina Weber lists 7 of the best SEO helpers to improve your online marketing. 

#12. Know Your Options for Migrating Your Small Business Operations to the Cloud

How much of your company should live in the cloud? TWT Group Inc. founder, Shawn Freeman looks at the options for migrating your business to the cloud.

#13. The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is confusing but help is at hand, Zahra Bajgiran‘s ultimate guide explains all the basics.

#14. How to Market Your Brand to Women

Is 51% of the population too small a market? Content partners, DIY Marketers provides tips that will help you adjust your marketing to appeal to more women.

#15. Mobile SEO Strategy For 2015

Over 50% of Google’s search traffic originates from mobile devices. Sophia Smith looks at what you need to do to prepare and implement a mobile SEO strategy during 2015.

#16. 7 Ways to Grow Ecommerce Sales Using Customer Data

Looking for ways to grow sales and improve performance? Ubiq founder, Sreeram Sreenivasan explains how to use website data to boost sales for your online store.

#17. Top 13 Domain Name Registration Tools for 2015

There are many tools that allow you to register a domain name for your website, Ati Agrawal lists 13 of the most popular.

#18. Utilize Introverts and Extroverts in Your Team to Build Performance

Many believe that extroverts make the best leaders. Peter Davidson doesn’t agree and suggests a properly balanced team includes both introverts and extroverts.

#19. How Great Companies Build Brands With the Right Message

Margarita Hakobyan says “too often, business look solely at the customer focused pieces of a brand, and fail to recognize that what’s happening behind the scenes is just as important”.

#20. 12 Reasons Your Content Strategy Fails to Deliver Brand Value

94% of small businesses, 93% of B2Bs, and 77% of B2Cs use content marketing but not all are seeing ROI. Kimberly Grimms looks at 12 reasons your content marketing may be failing to deliver on brand value. 

Thank you for reading and congratulations to those contributors that featured.


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