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#TYBtop10: Most Shared Tweak Your Biz Articles On Social Media During 2014

The following is a list of the ten most shared Tweak Your Biz articles so far during 2014 including a breakdown of those shares across the various social media platforms.

#TYBtop10: Most Shared Tweak Your Biz Articles On Social Media During 2014

The most shared articles on social media during 2014 (so far)

#1. 11 Cool Things You Can Learn About Facebook Marketing From A 20 Year Old CEO

Jenny Brennan attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and met Alex Houg, the twenty year old CEO of BlitzMetrics. What could this young CEO teach her about Facebook marketing?

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Google+ BizSugar Total
 351  51  121  6  42  18  589

#2. How To Choose The Best Color Palette For Your Business Website

Velly Angelova discusses how to employ the latest color psychology trends in your website design and convey the right positive customer perception for your business/product.

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Google+ BizSugar Total
 176  30  146  11  26  34  423

#3. 8 Common Mistakes Businesses Make On Pinterest

Lorna Sixsmith looks at some simple mistakes that businesses are making on Pinterest. Simple in that they just take a little bit of knowledge to avoid and to ensure that your pins and your website are maximising their chances of Pinterest success.

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Google+ BizSugar Total
 50  7  85  284  18  23  387

#4. 6 Online Marketing Trends You Can No Longer Afford To Ignore In 2014

To help those businesses that want to stay ahead I have listed my top 6 online marketing trends for 2014.

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Google+ BizSugar Total
 84  103  87  3  42  34  357

#5. Choosing The Right Font For Your Business Website

In this article, Velly describes why making the appropriate font decisions will substantially boost your website appeal and will attract more customers and prospects.

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Google+ BizSugar Total
 176  26  96  0  10  21  329

#6. 9 Powerful Tools To Improve Website Usability And Conversions On A Budget

Adam Connell shares a number of usability and conversion rate optimization tools that will help you start to move your conversion rates in the right direction.

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Google+ BizSugar Total
 31  27 191  4  30  26  309

#7. €2 Million Competition To Find Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups #IBYE

I help to promote Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur Competition.

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Google+ BizSugar Total
 68  35  143  0  16  20  282

#8. Frederique Murphy: The Mindset Behind @IrishSmiley

TYB Editor: Sian Phillips interviews Frederique Murphy, who provides individuals, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs with a wealth of mountain moving mindset resources to help them become the true leaders of their life, career and business.

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Google+ BizSugar Total
 54  59  86  3  33  10  245

#9. 5 Ways To Ensure Your New Blog Gains Traction Fast

In his second post in our top 10, Adam Connell shares a series of tactics to quickly grow your blog and audience.

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Google+ BizSugar Total
 31  41  110  0  35  27  244

#10. Ireland’s Outstanding “30 Entrepreneurs Under 30” on Twitter

A list I created of some of Ireland’s outstanding young entrepreneurs who are also  on Twitter.

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Google+ BizSugar Total
 56  44  104  0  17  10  231

Congratulations to those that featured and thank you for reading.


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  • Hi Paula, From the consumer’s point of view, I can see how own brand is attarctive right now but I think you raise some powerful points against. The reaiity of course is that own brand will push smaller providers out of the marketplace unless they can come up with innovative ways to compete. From an Irish perspective, we’d seen the rise of an artizan food industry which continues to provide us with a bright light. I invited Margaret from @oldefarm to speak with me at a conference last week, and their’s is a wonderful and inspiring story.

  • Daniel

    Hi Paula, some interesting comments and I suppose as in most things in life it cannot be seen as black or white. A smaller manufacturer that doesnt have a huge budget to build a brand finds it extremely challenging to break into a market. By producing own brand products it allows them to build a market and build volume on the back of the large retailers brand. Yes the retailer can find another supplier but then the supplier is also free to find an alternate retailer. The major retailers such as Tesco and Walmart are hesitant to stock the same smaller brands as each other but again while producing own brands you could supply to four or five major retailers and the perception is that they product is comming from different suppliers. I think the biggest danger is if own brand manufacture becomes too higher portion of your total turnover. Certian retailers have rules that will not allow you to supply them if the loss of their business will have a massive effect on your business. A view from the other side!!!

  • Thanks for your comment Niall. This year’s Edelman Trust Barometer research report indicated that consumers now need businesses to be there for more than just making a profit, they need to have a purpose too. Lots of big retailers are paying lip service to this but making it very difficult for small local producers to grow or just even to keep going. We know that all businesses need to turn a profit, but it’s got to be done in a way that will nurture a healthy local economy for the long term.

  • Thanks for your response Daniel. Yes, you’re right, there is an opportunity there for producers to build volume sales, there is just less security for them as there is no apparent consumer demand for their brand. It’s good to hear that there are some retailers who have a responsible attitude to their suppliers:) Very interesting points, thanks!

  • That would have got my dander up too.  I have a huge problem with the supermarkets sourcing foodstuffs and selling them under own label, fair enough if the producer gets the same price for it but do they? With supermarkets like Tesco’s and Dunnes the answer is probably going to be no. With Aldi, apparently they take a much lower margin on items such as vegetables and pay their suppliers a fair price and pay what they said they would but I don’t know if that works the same for their flour and bread etc.
    I have a huge problem with people buying Tesco milk for example, much is sourced from Northern Ireland where they pay a lower price for it.  If we all spend an extra €4 a week on guaranteed Irish products, we will create an extra 6000 jobs. As consumers, we have the power to turn this country around, we just have to think about how we spend those few euro each week.

  • Paula

    You’re dead right, Lorna! We all have a responsibility to think long term and think about what’s best for our local economy. 

  • Buying locally made products always makes sense. Not only will you be supporting your community, you will also be helping the growth of the local economy.

  • Thanks for putting this together Niall and delighted to be included too

  • Jenny Brennan

    Thanks for including me Niall 🙂

  • You’re welcome Jenny!

  • No problem Sian and well done.

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