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#TYBtop10: The Most Popular Tweak Your Biz Articles During April, 2014

Making font decisions for your website, enhancing productivity, promoting your blog, Scalable Vector Graphics, digital marketing ideas on a tight budget, bootstrapping a digital business, using quizzes to generate leads, social media do’s and don’ts and re-designing your website without losing SEO. All covered in the ten most popular Tweak Your Biz articles during April.

#TYBtop10: The Most Popular Tweak Your Biz Articles During April, 2014

The most popular business articles during April

#1. Choosing The Right Font For Your Business Website

Choosing the correct font(s) for your website’s header and body text is really important. A regular feature in our monthly top tens and one of our most popular TYB contributors, Velly Angelova advises on how to make the best font decisions for your business.

#2. 9 Of The Best Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Did you know that happier people are 12% more productive than their less happy peers? Journalist, Jessica Oaks, provides you with nine of the best ways to enhance productivity at your company.

#3. Promoting Your Blog – 30 Proven Methods

Promoting your blog can easily become a job in itself. Bryan Collins of on applying these simple but proven methods so that more people can find your website.

#4. Is SVG Image Good For Your Website?

With the basic programming used in web design, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG ) image offers some benefits for your website. Web developer, Eric Haskell, explains in his first post to feature in our April top ten.

#5. 6 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas For A Small Business

Are you an owner manager on a tight budget? Icesugarmedia co-founder, Steve Minks, shares six cost effective (and creative) digital marketing ideas you can use to market your small business.

#6. 5 Steps To Bootstrapping A Digital Business

Do you sell digital products like eBooks, PDF’s, music, games, apps, or video? Creator of Micro Business EssentialsLiesha Petrovich, on the five steps to bootstrap your way to a real business.

#7. How To Use Gamification To Generate Leads

Gamification to generate leads means taking a boring process and making it fun. Interact Co:founder, Josh Haynam, examines how you could use quizzes for your lead generation.

#8. Top 6 Things Not To Do On Social Media In 2014

Social media is probably the most powerful media today however it’s also important to know. In his second April top 10 post, Eric Haskell talks about six things you need to avoid.

#9. Social Media For Start-Ups: A Reliable List Of Do’s And Don’ts

Again, social media is a wonderful marketing tool but leveraging it to your advantage remains a challenge. Here are some more social media don’ts from Tracy Vides, along with three BIG Do’s.

#10. 5 Steps To Re-design Your Website Without Losing SEO Rankings

Well done to Eric Haskell with three posts in our top ten (new record). Here, he shows you in five steps, how to re-design your website without losing SEO rankings.

Congratulations to those that featured and thank you for reading.


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