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#TYBtop10: Business Blogging, Blogs And Bloggers

Over the years, we’ve published lots of great content offering insights around blogging for business. Here are the ten most popular Tweak Your Biz articles ever on business blogging, blogs and bloggers.

#TYBtop10: Business Blogging, Blogs And Bloggers

The most popular business articles on business blogging, blogs and bloggers

#1. 7 Of The Best WordPress Plug-Ins To Enhance Your Blog

WordPress is an excellent blog and content management system with thousands of available plugins for you to use. Kristen Hanna takes you through seven of the best to get you started.


#2. Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts That Customers Will Find

Creating blogs that customers find is a big challenge for those businesses that use blogging as part of their online marketing. Here are my seven steps to properly SEO your blog posts.


#3. Blogging For Business: The Ultimate Guide

My guide to help you discover what you need to know to become a successful business blogger.


#4. 10 Critical Tactics To Increase Blog Traffic For Your Business

Are you struggling to increase your blog traffic? Here are ten tactics to do if you want to increase your blog traffic.


#5. Ten Proven Blog Post Ideas And Examples To Smash Blogger’s Block

Or perhaps you are struggling with what to write about? Here are my ten proven blog post ideas and examples to help smash your bloggers’s block.

#6. How To Increase Your Press Coverage Using Your Blog

Blogging can also help you to receive significant press coverage, build your profile, increase brand awareness through traditional media and become a ‘go to’ person for journalists. Lorna Sixsmith of We Teach Social explains how.

#7.  7 Ways To Improve The Visibility Of Your Blog

Every time you write a blog post, Dawn Altnam advises that you make sure you incorporate these methods to improve the visibility of your blogging.

#8. 6 Tactics that Will Actually Help You Generate Leads from Your Blog

Founder of Writers in ChargeBamidele Onibalusi shares six tactics that’ll guarantee leads from your blog if you aren’t already getting them or that will double leads from your blog if you’re already experiencing success with it.

#9. Become A Better Manager: 10 Inspirational Management And Leadership Blogs

Warren Rutherford from The Executive Suite shares some resources by drawing on some outstanding “expert” advice in related leadership and management blogs.

#10. 5 Reasons Why Blog Comments Don’t Matter

Your business blog doesn’t see a lot of discussion in the comments. Writer for Straight NorthShanna Mallon provides five reasons why for certain blogs, comments don’t matter that much anyway.

Congratulations to those that featured and thank you for reading.


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