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#TYBtop10: The Most Popular Tweak Your Biz Articles During March, 2014

Online and offline sales leads, how technology can help you to manage, SlideShare ROI, social media fans, what not to do on social media, blogging for business, writing that converts, General Patton and why Android is better. Here are the ten most popular Tweak Your Biz articles during March.

#TYBtop10: The Most Popular Tweak Your Biz Articles During March, 2014

The most popular business articles during March

#1. 8 Tips To Get More Online & Offline Leads For Your Small Business

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to lead collection, a multilateral approach works best. Sabina Stoiciu writes for 123ContactForm and provides you with 8 tips to keep your lead count rolling, for both offline and online.

#2. How To Be An Efficient And Effective Manager Using Technology

First time managers who suddenly find themselves responsible for a group of employees will face myriad challenges in the transition. Annie Davis discusses some ways technology can help you to be a more effective manager.

#3. Sorry SlideShare, You Offer The Best ROI And I Was Foolish To Ignore You

Have you become too focused on the big 3 social media? For little or no effort I was able to generate a better ROI with SlideShare.

#4. 3 Simple Steps To Grow Social Media Fans Organically

Engaging with one hundred people online regularly is far better than listing ten thousand that you never have any interaction with. Sandra Hennessy provides 3 simple steps to grow social media fans organically.

 #5. 7 Fascinating Blogging For Business Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow 

Blogging for business will increase brand awareness, drive targeted visitors and lead more of these visitors into conversions. Owner of Digital Marketing PhilippinesJomer Gregorio discusses 7 blogging tactics to help  grow your business.

#6. Top 6 Things Not To Do On Social Media In 2014 

Social media is probably the most powerful media today. However it can also have a negative effect on your business unless used properly. Eric Haskell discusess what not to do on social media.

#7. Leadership… The General Patton Approach

There are many types of inspirational leaders you can follow. Co-Founder & President of Wild Creations: Rhett Power talks leadership, the General Patton approach.

#8. Email Marketing For StartupsQuality Writing That Converts

As a startup, resources are limited. That’s why email marketing appeals to so many business owners. Writing expert for Bid 4 PapersMike Hanski describes how to create quaility writing that converts.

#9. 7 Reasons Why Android Is Still Better Than iOS7

Android and iOS are the two most competitive OS in the market of mobile applications. Digital Marketing Analyst from Coder AvenueJeff Marlon highlights 7 reasons why he believes Android is better.

#10. 7 Tips For Creating A Lead-Generating Website

There is no point in having a website if it’s not generating leads. Cuckoo Events is an award-winning and lead-generating website. Managing Director: Mark Breen provides insight into what worked for them.

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  • Hi Maricel, We’ve just started using Podio, and it’s proving great so far. Beforehand, we reviewed and investigated different options. One of the reasons we choose Podio over the others, is that the mobile app was superb. Our team are all over, and always on the go so this was a big win for us.

  • Maricel Rivera

    Hi Niall, thanks for the comment. Mobile phones, indeed, have gotten really smart that they are now vital for business. If an application doesn’t satisfactorily support mobility, well, like you and your team did, investigating other options is the best route to take.

  • Marcel Rivera: Do you have examples of workflow management software? Have you tested WorkFlowy?

  • Maricel Rivera

    Hi there, Lyceum. My apologies for the delayed response. Yes, I believe there are a lot of workflow management software available out there. There’s Comindware Tracker, LeanKit, Pivotal Tracker, and then there are those that are customized for specific business needs. No, I haven’t tested WorkFlowy yet, but from the little I’ve so far gathered online, it seems like a cool app for smart phones. Am I right?

  • RJ Hoff

    Just curious Niall, is there a top 10 for 2013 as a whole rather than monthly?

  • Hi RJ, for sure, you’ll see the 2013 yearly top 10 here:

  • Ana Sabaduquia

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    up spending much more than you bargained for on training your team, or worse, never get off the ground.

    Our Workflow Solutions 101 guide has lots of information on how to find a solution that fits your team’s workflow so that it’s easy to use and gets adopted quickly – plus tips on how to get buy-in from other departments (like your clients and management). ( ).

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