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Top 10 Tweak Your Biz Articles: December, 2013

Connecting with your Facebook fans, content curation, a monster 100 E-commerce tips, SEO, adding structure to your sales pipeline, digital strategy, writing a business plan, website user engagement, taking one for the team and affiliate marketing are all featured in the most popular Tweak Your Biz business articles during December.

Top 10 Tweak Your Biz Articles: December, 2013

The most popular business articles during December

#1. 4 Ways To Get Your Facebook Fans Excited This Christmas

Jenny Brennan owns and runs Virtual Office Worx in Co. Mayo, Ireland. In her first Tweak Your Biz post, she provides us with some great ideas to help brands connect with their Facebook fans in the last few weeks of 2013.

#2. 7 Ways Content Curation Can Wow Your Audience

Content curation leverages the power of other people’s content. CEO and Founder of Ziondia InteractiveNikhil Jain describes 7 ways that you can use content curation to wow your audience.

#3. 100 E-commerce Store Tips For Retailers 

In this monster of a Tweak Your Biz post, Christina Giliberti provides a massive 100 tips to help high street retailers set up, manage and profit with an e-commerce (online) store.

#4. Why Viral Marketing Can Never, Ever Replace Well-Done SEO 

SEO may have fallen out of favor but journalist with InternetReputation.comJean Dion says that SEO remains the best technique to use when you need to manage your online life and reputation.

#5. 5 Tips To Improve Your Sales Pipeline

Co-founder of PipedriveUrmas Purde joins Tweak Your Biz. In his first post he describes how adding a little structure and definition at each stage of your sales pipeline will help your sales team support the buyer and close deals faster.

#6. 5 Hot Tips To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Jumping into a digital marketing campaign and without a strategy is destined to end early and at great expense. Co-founder and Digital Consultant with IceSugarMediaSteve Minks provides five steps that will lead you to a conceptual plan for your digital marketing efforts.

#7. Format For Executive Summary Of Your Business Plan

At some point most businesses will need a business plan. Business mentor and advisor, Donncha Hughes, provides training on how to write their business plan. In his latest Tweak Your Biz post, he outlines how he approaches writing a compelling Executive Summary.

#8. 3 Ways To Achieve User Engagement For Your Website

The Digital revolution has impacted on user behavior and expectation. Nowadays, visitors to your website expect to be impressed, involved and entertained. Velly Angelova from describes 3 methods to help boost your website interaction.

#9. Taking One For The Team: 6 Tips On Developing Personal Accountability

Personal accountability isn’t limited to delivering what is asked of you, it’s also about taking responsibility when something goes wrong. Tedd Baldomaro provides six ways (plus a bonus) you can do to make good at it.

#10. 11 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Monetization Strategy

One well known monetization strategy utilized by bloggers is affiliate marketing. Founder of ViralwriterGilbert Samuel, highlights the 11 reasons why he believes it is the very best strategy.

Hoosh And The Age Of Intelligent Data: Interview With Jacob Hagemann #TYBspotlight

Also in December, in a #TYBspotlightChristina Giliberti talked with Jacob Hagemann (Founder) of Hoosh, about the ways in which their services support business market research and competitive analysis, staying ahead of Google’s algorithm and what new products they have in store for 2014.

Congratulations to all those that featured.

Thank you for reading and best wishes for 2014 from all at Tweak Your Biz.


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  • Great post Aoife! Many folks ask me about facebook competitions and in the past I have been reluctant to offer any perspective precisely because of the uncertainty in my head around what is useful and also inside the rules. Thanks for clearing that up with this post – I’ll give it a try!

  • I think your first point on defining goals is critical and it shouldn’t be simply to get more fans, without knowing, whether or not those fans will equate to ROI.

  • Hi Aoife,

    I think another point worth stating is trying an application like Rafflecopter uses Facebook to get people to your site to enter a comp using a simple application. It’s also very ‘social’ and clever in that it gets new visitors to your site while building the reach of your social network. Great post and thanks for sharing with us.


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    Great post Aoife. I see so many pages running like and share competitions, so many of them get away with it. It would be great if Facebook came down on this a bit more. As you point out, with the free apps it is quite easy to run a competition according to the rules.

  • Great clarifying post Aoife.
    I agree goals are of utmost importance, and that “normal” content should appear “as normal” also – not every fan is interested in the competition!
    Thanks for sharing great tips and highlighting the apps.

  • Happy new year to everyone who reads Tweak your Biz.- delighted to be included in this list. of great articles and writers. Would definitely recommend that anyone who has something to say should definitely contact Tweak your Biz (by clicking the button at the bottom of this page) to get involved.

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