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Top 10 Tweak Your Biz Articles: October, 2013

Tweak Your Biz celebrated its fourth anniversary during October and the most popular articles included motivational tips, free legal docs, how to get Twitter traffic, pitfalls to avoid when designing apps, business lessons from a hit TV show, team building exercises, how social is affecting search, a revolutionary iPad POS system, asking for customer reviews and making sales easy.

Top 10 Tweak Your Biz Articles: October, 2013The most popular business articles during October

# 1. 4 Tips In The Art Of SelfMotivation 

Lacking motivation? Velly Angelova from takes us through her four self-motivation accelerators that have always make the difference whenever she felt discouraged.

# 2. 5 Essential Legal Docs for Your New Business That Don’t Require A Lawyer

If you’re starting a business in this difficult economy, you may be tempted to hire a business lawyer to dot every i and cross every t. Joseph Oni describes five legal business documents for which you need no lawyer.

# 3. 7 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic from Twitter

Throughout August, Operations Manager at UK LinkologyAdam Connell managed a 5 x increase in traffic to his personal blog from Twitter – employ the same tactics and you can do the same for your blog (or do even better).

# 4. 8 UX Pitfalls To Avoid In Mobile App Design 

Analysts estimate that app revenues will hit $25 billion in 2013 and could triple by 2017, still one in four apps are never used again once downloaded. Sebastian Atwell from PerceptiveWebDesign discusses the 8 UX pitfalls to avoid in mobile app design.

# 5. 4 Business Lessons For Entrepreneurs From Breaking Bad

Can you really learn about entrepreneurship from Walter WhiteJesse Pinkman and Gustavo Fring? Author, educator and entrepreneurDr. Emad Rahim believes you can – read about his 4 business lessons for entrepreneurs from Breaking Bad.

# 6. 15 Fun Team Building Exercises That Breed Cooperative Excellence

TEAM is a buzz word in the corporate world or as the acronym goes, T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More. Marry Warner shares 15 fun team building exercises that breed cooperative excellence.

# 7. How Social Signals Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

Social signals have been all the rage in the SEO sphere in the past two years. In his 2nd post in our Top 10, Joseph Oni from  discusses which social signals are most important and how they impact on ranking.

# 8. The Benefits Of Integrating iPad POS To Your Small Business

iPad POS is a revolutionary Point-of-Sale system powered by iPad tablets and can be considered as a major breakthrough in retail technology. Developer with vitebmobileapps.comTodd Riddle explains why it’s a cost-effective solution for small business.

# 9. How To Ask For Customer Reviews Without Alienating Your Customer

90% of people are influenced in their buying decisions by positive online reviews. CEO of CorpNet.comNellie Akalp provides you with seven tips to help overcome any awkwardness and encourage your customers to leave reviews.

 # 10. The Trick To Making Sales Easy

Selling is an art that is different for every type of product or service. Olwen Dawe works on the key elements of their strategy and communications with clients and describes why sales processes require definition and redefinition over time.

Don’t Get Stuck Without It: Innovation Culture – #TYBspotlight with Andrew Marshall

Founder of Primed AssociatesAndrew [Drew] Marshall helps his clients to build innovation-capable cultures and improve the return on their innovation investment. In this #TYBspotlight – I ask him about some the challenges that businesses need to overcome to create a culture of innovation within the organization.

Lighting & Interiors Product Designer: Gráinne Lyons On Running Her Business – #TYBspotlight

Also in another October #TYBspotlight – I spoke with up and coming furniture & lighting designer; Gráinne Lyons and asked about her about her inspiration, running her business and plans for the future.

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