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Why Twitter Is Incorrectly Blocking Tweak Your Biz

You may have noticed that if you attempt to share an item on Twitter or click through a link from Twitter, you get a scary notice.  It might say this site is “unsafe” or “spammy.”

However, we want to assure you that this site is safe.

We’ve been caught up in a false positive malware flagging.  Our technical team has been in contact with Twitter Support and requested that they remove this incorrect and inaccurate flag.  However, this may take a few days.

What happened, we believe, is that other sites hosted by our hosting company had malware. Somehow, though, that notice extended to other sites hosted with the same host, even if no malware was present on those sites. For a period of time, Google’s safe browsing system had flagged as “suspicious” and we think that  kicked off this circumstance.  We requested a review of that status, and Google promptly updated its notice and removed the “suspicious” label for this site.

Unfortunately, Twitter initiated its own blocking action.  Once initiated it will take time to resolve, and we are working on it.  We have requested that Twitter stop its unfair flagging of the site.  We will update you as we learn more.


Tweak Your Biz Technical Update

We appreciate your patience and in the meantime please do keep sharing our posts where you can.

Sian & the Tweak Your Biz Team


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  • Thanks to everyone for their support. Twitter appear to have corrected the situation so back to normal at TYB.

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