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Top 10 Tweak Your Biz Articles: February, 2013

Last month, we launched our monthly top 10s and this month, the content and business advice kept flowing! So from another busy month here at Tweak Your Biz, these are the most popular business articles from February.   

The most popular business articles during February

# 1. Twitter For Business: The Ultimate Guide

Want to find out how to use Twitter for your business? Then this monster guide from our editor, Sian Phillips, is a must read!

# 2.  Five Simple Steps To Run Successful Competitions On Facebook

A lot of businesses are continuing to break the rules when running Facebook competitions. If you don’t want to be one, follow the five steps provided by Aoife Rigney.

# 3. 3 Actions To Improve Your Website TODAY

Well done to Ben Milleare on getting into our top 10 with his first post. Read about 3 simple website improvements you can make, without needing special skills or having to pay a web developer.

# 4. The 10 Steps In Developing A Strategic Social Media Plan For Your Business

Quantifying an ROI from social media is only possible after you’ve developed a strategic plan. Check out my 10 steps to ensure you don’t waste time or money on tactics that might not work.

# 5. Essential Mac Apps & Software – Part 2 – Mac Means Business

In his first part of this series, Connor Keppel talked about basic apps and software to improve the Mac experience. Part two continues on that theme, but focuses on business productivity and browsing.

# 6. 5 Things That Clients Want You To Stop Doing

Congratulations to another first time Tweak Your Biz contributor. Gregg Schwartz‘s post highlights how sales people may be unwittingly annoying clients, with off-putting call tactics and poor professionalism. Ouch!

#7. Why Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time (And What You Should Be Doing Instead)

But are cold-calls still an effective way of generating new sales leads? Not according to Sarah Ryan who provides businesses with 3 inbound marketing alternatives.

# 8. Use The Right Social Media For Your Crowdsourced Projects

Various social media sites garner different kinds of demographics. Tara Hornor explains why this is important if you want your crowd-sourcing projects to get feedback and input from your ideal customers.

# 9. Top 5 Reasons Your Company Should Have A Facebook Page

This second post on Facebook, and second from Sarah Ryan looks at ‘5 main reasons for having a company Facebook page’.

# 10. Garrendenny Lane Closing: What Lorna Did Next

Long time Tweak Your Biz contributor, and entrepreneur Lorna Sixsmith, recently made the decision to close her profitable, Garrendenny Lane business. Sian Phillips interviewed Lorna to find out why?

There will be more great business articles coming your way during March. In the meantime, did you have a favorite article or writer? Or perhaps, you’d like to appear on this list for yourself! 😉

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  • Well done, Sian!

  • Elish Bul

    A Big Congratulations to Sian and the rest of the Team who provided so much great Business Advice in February

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  • Peter Watson

    Thanks Sian! Yeah very busy at my end, but always love contributing here. I know small business owners who have used all of these, so thought I’d share.

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