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New TweakYourBiz Managing Editor: Congratulations Sian Phillips!

I will be officially finishing up as TweakYourBiz Managing Editor at the end of September. Before I do, I would like to thank everyone for their support over the last few years and welcome on-board, our new TweakYourBiz Managing Editor, Sian Phillips.

Sian Phillips

Sian is a wonderful example of someone who has grown with us, a superb contributor, who writes great content and always supports the team. She has played an active part in developing this community from the very start. I’m confident that she will go on to make a great TweakYourBiz Managing Editor.

TweakYourBiz Friends

TweakYourBiz was something I managed, in between my other projects. It has helped me to develop my personal brand and continues to provide me with some outstanding opportunities.

That said, the greatest value is has given me is the people I’ve met along the way. Many I now consider my friends, so I’m a little sad to be finishing as Editor.

lunch with the team

Thanks to Fred, Facundo and our initial group of bloggers – many are still with us today! Without your collective belief, content and support – we would never have got going!

Thanks to Cindy King, now Managing Editor with Social Media Examiner. Cindy’s support and advice was critical during the early days.

To Anita Campbell, our CEO – Anita is an exceptional small business leader and online expert, and her experience is now evident across the site.

And to everyone who has contributed. Be it! Writing an article, leaving a comment, or sharing our content. We celebrate the big successes but it’s the smaller steps along the way that get us there.

The final word

I’ll leave the final word to your new TweakYourBiz Managing Editor 🙂

“I am over the moon that Niall and Anita have the confidence in me to become the Managing Editor of

Niall first asked me to write for Bloggertone when it started 3 years ago and I can honestly say that it has been a huge confidence boost for me and a brilliant learning curve for my writing.

It has opened doors for me I’d never have believed a couple of years ago. Being involved in the TYB community has been fantastic and I’ve learnt so much about networking, Social Media, blogs and much much more from the professionals that write here.

I am really looking forward to this new adventure and so glad that I will have all the TYB community backing me up as always. Niall and Anita (and Fred and Facundo previously) have done such an amazing job with It really is an honour to be involved.  I know Niall’s are huge footsteps to follow in – I’ll do my best in my size 8 wellies” – Sian Phillips

Good luck, Sian! but you won’t need it 🙂

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Digital expert, top 10% influencer with over 10 years’ senior management experience - including managing projects and teams, and growing companies in the Irish, international and online marketplaces. Co-founded one of the largest B2B blogs in the world, helped grow a B2B social media to over 1,000,000 members, created the strategy for one of the most effective SME Facebook pages in the world and have grown 3 business websites (, & to in excess of a 100,000 unique visitors per month. Have consulted and worked with both corporate and SME clients on leveraging digital to drive business KPIs. Speaker at industry events, have authored several industry reports on the Digital Economy and appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Business Insider and other leading online and offline business publications. Specialities include: Entrepreneurship Business Development, Start-ups, Business Planning, Management, Training, Leadership, Sales Management, Sales, Sales Process, Coaching, Online Advertising, Blogging, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Strategist, Digital Strategy, Social Media ROI, User Generated Content, Social Customer Care.

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  • Christina Giliberti

    Now be honest everyone – who thought it was Sian (me,me). Congratulations Sian Phillips you’ve proved you can fit into Niall’s shoes and if there’s wriggle room, well you can grow into it in your own time. Good luck to both of you!

  • Niall – the very best of luck with all your existing and new projects. I don’t know how you do everything in 24 hours and still manage to make it look easy. I can’t believe it’s three years. Wow. Time flies!

    And Sian, we’ll be saying that in three years time too. I’m thrilled for you – you did a great job when Niall was on honeymoon and I’m sure the content will still keep coming. (Note to self – finish that article and post!).

    All the very best to you two.
    Take care,

  • Facundo

    Welcome on board Sian & thanks Niall for everything you’ve done and continue doing daily 🙂

  • Cheers Denise, Sian will be great!

  • No problem to her! Thanks Christina

  • Thanks a mill Facundo 🙂

  • Thanks Denise – I’ve no idea how Niall fits everything in either. Big shoes to fill but I’ll do my best. The TYB community back up will keep me going I’m sure 🙂

  • Lol Christina – thank you for your kind words

  • Eileen McCabe

    Congratulations Sian and Best of luck to you Niall … always enjoy reading the valuable information on TYB !! 🙂

  • Congrats Sian! You’ll do a fabulous job.

  • Smallbiztrends

    We’re so excited to get more of your time, Sian! And Niall — love what you’ve done for the site! Woo-hoo!

  • Thanks so much Anita – it’s an honour to be asked and I’m really looking forward to it

  • Thanks Susan, I’m looking forward to it

  • Thanks Eileen….and please keep reading 🙂

  • Congratulations! Truly deserved!

  • Congratulations Sian and you will do a fantastic job. Niall all the best with your new and existing projects.

  • Thank you Susan

  • Thanks a million Cendrine – that means a lot to me

  • Niall, you will be missed here at TYB. Thank you for inviting all of us to create a warm and fun group of bloggers. Best of luck to you!

    Sian, I’m looking forward to working with you more here. You are such a natural replacement!

  • Heather Stone

    Sian, Congratulations! We’ll all miss Niall but I think you’ll do an excellent job as Managing Editor of TYB. Looking forward to new and exciting things from you and the TYB community!

  • Thanks Elli, that’s a really lovely thing to say

  • Thanks Heather – I shall do my best

  • What’s the world coming to – accountants taking over TYB – you’ll have to hang up the ledgers & spreadsheets 🙂 lol Well done Sian – you’ll be a natural
    Niall – good luck with your current & future ventures!

  • Thanks a mill Tom – will share the ledgers and spreadsheets with you still 🙂

  • Thanks Tom!

  • Thanks Heather, appreciate you saying so!

  • Thanks Elli, I’ll still be around in the background.

  • Thanks Susan!

  • Thanks Anita, we’ve now got two great ladies steering the TYB ship 🙂

  • Thanks Eileen.

  • No surprise in reading such a great post and see a great “last” gesture by Niall, introducing and warmly congratulating Sián!!! Well done to both of you!

  • Thanks Frederique

  • Harry

    Sean – Excellent tips. My recommendation is not to rely too much on PowerPoint, but focus on story telling from your experience instead. Too many people spoil their presentation by putting too much details on PowerPoint slides and just reciting it in front of the audience.

    Watch Steve Jobs presenting at Apple product introductions to learn the art of story telling.

  • Sean_McPheat

    Thanks Sian, I’m looking forward to writing for you again.

  • Sean_McPheat

    Hi Ava, glad you like the post. I always like to add famous quotes and footage of famous speeches into my presentations as this really helps bring it to life.

  • Sean_McPheat

    Couldn’t agree with you more Harry. Your audience can read, the don’t need you to cram the slides full of bullet points and then read it out to them!

  • Thanks for a great post Peter. Like Niall says I hadn’t thought about Social Media being useful for selling a business but you’ve explained it perfectly. I guess in the age we’re in Social Media is the avenue to everything

  • I think there’s another way to sell with social media is to show using the product or enjoying your service.Participate in conversation through social media. As a blogger I do usually share some of my posts on twitter, Google+, etc. and it gives me a chance to connect with new potential customer.

  • Peter Watson

    Thanks for the feedback guys. When selling a business, the owner wants and needs to gain as much exposure as possible. Social media is just another arm of advertising that a lot of small business owner do not consider. Hopefully if they come across my article they will change their minds.

  • Hi Peter, good article! I have social media thus I exist!

  • Hi Peter, Good serve of social media marketing. Yes you are very right that the social media is the best and important way of the small business marketing. Through the social media we can attract the customer for the selling our product . Thanks for sharing.

  • Urmas Purde

    Hi Niall! Yes, I totally agree. Awareness comes first!

  • Indeed, LinkedIn is an effective lead generation method especially for B2B lead generation and the ideal place to obtain new sales leads. It makes your work easy as you try to get information on your competitors. LinkedIn makes it possible to start building a relationship and a great way to share your knowledge and expertise.

  • You could also negotiate with your vendors, so you will get longer terms of payment, and thereby getting better cash flow.

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