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And the Winners Of “Rock Your Biz” Are…

This post was originally published on the Bizsugar Blog. We’re proud to announce the winners of  BizSugar’s “Rock Your Biz” contest and we thank the community for their participation!

The Winners

Thank You

We’d like to thank all the contributors and those who have left comments for their energy and enthusiasm, and of course, the whole BizSugar community for voting and supporting the contest.

Contest winners will be contacted soon about prizes. Be sure to stay tuned for more behind the scenes on our popular Rock Your Biz contest comming soon on the BizSugar blog!

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  • Well done to the brilliant BizSugar team of: Heather, Valentine, Gary, Denise, Martin, Goran, Sian, Warren and Amanda for managing the very successful RockYourBiz blogging contest.

  • oops, forgot Elaine who doubled as prize giver! Thanks Elaine!

  • What a great competition!!
    It’s been a mad month, trying to keep up with all the BizSugar “RockYourBiz” entries, but wonderful posts, and great content.
    Well done Anita, Heather, Niall and the team for pulling off a great event, and huge congratulations to all the winners and my fellow sponsors.
    I know they will get great use from the super prizes!

  • ElliStGeorgeGodfrey

    Congratulations to everyone! Lots to learn as well as great reminders!

    Kudos to the BizSugar team for running a great and very useful contest!

  • Hi Rebecca,

    You’re spot on! Engaging in a race for fans or followers is entirely limiting when you really consider that each one is a human being. Hope you enjoy the report & thanks a lot for the comment.


  • No matter how cool the small businesses widgets are, if the world does not know about them, then a small business is on the way out of business.Thanks for sharing this article keith!

  • susanpayton

    Great list, Keith. I’d add “no marketing or business plan.” A lot of people have no idea why they’re in business, so of course, they can’t achieve those nonexistent goals.

  • hannahlucy07

    best blog for this type of feeds..thnx a lot for shairng and helping all with your blog!! God bless you!

    Best Help Desk Software

  • Isn’t the best way of spending money on investing time and energy on your old customer? How much does it cost to get a new customer?

  • Mark Breen

    Hi Stephen. I must say your point in relation to focusing more on current clients than on acquiring new ones echoes a point I made in a post a while back too. It always amazes me how much people focus on landing new clients when they have some great ones already.

  • Sandra Crowe

    I strongly agree with you Stephen, your points of view is what new entrepreneurs need to make their products popular and make it the “best for you” item, your point of view is amazing and I’ll keep in touch with your posts.

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