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Irish Executives Summit 2011 Galway, Ireland 15th September 2011

The Irish Executives network was formed by John G. Keogh on LinkedIn during 2008, a year when people and businesses first realised the pressure being exerted on the global economic climate. As that pressure has increased, so too has Irish Executives membership and activity.

Now connecting nearly 7,000 business people within Ireland and around the world, Irish Executives continues to respond to this pressure with a commitment to sharing the ideas, insights, expertise, solutions and know-how which exist among the Irish Diaspora at home and abroad.

The inaugural summit theme says it all – working together to get Irish businesses back into a winning position. Now is the perfect time to harness the potential of this unique and timely summit and the sharing of ideas and expertise. Regardless of turbulent times, Ireland remains a vibrant place for entrepreneurs, small businesses and multinationals.

Kingsley Aikins (former MD of the Ireland Funds) and Pascal Derrien of Microsoft explain the goals and benefits of the event.


The Irish Executives community is very much aware of this and discuss this regularly online. At the summit, Irish Executives will be continuing the conversation with 4 main themes that could have a fundamental and positive impact on Irish business today:

  • The capacity for Cloud Computing services and platforms to transform how business is set up, managed and expanded.
  • How the power of Social Media is transforming how we engage with customers to develop new products, new services and new markets.
  • The art, science and power of Networking and how this often overlooked, yet critical aspect of doing business can be nurtured.
  • How true Leadership impacts employees and the dynamic between teams, customers and financial performance.

On September 15th Irish Executives will be talking in person.

Why attend?

Irish Executives at home and abroad will be coming together to boost small, medium and large Irish businesses in developing strategies for the domestic and foreign markets. This summit presents a unique and timely opportunity to listen to international experts, to hear about international and Irish success stories, to engage in discussions with experts, participate in workshops and hear from some of the best speakers on Innovation and Thought Leadership.

Whether an Entrepreneur or Corporate Executive, we will be listening, learning and challenging ourselves, each other and our businesses to rethink and reshape our future,  using the best tools and thinking at our disposal. IrelandONE to IrelandWON

Commencing with a limited 100 ticket pre-conference “meet the speakers” cocktail and networking dinner on the evening of 14th September, this summit is a dynamic mix of speakers, panel discussions, case studies, ‘How-To’ workshops and a business trade exhibition.  It has a full day of activity with workshops running concurrently during the lunch break.

I’m helping to organise and facilitate the social media sessions and I am really looking forward to getting stuck in. Ireland will continue to face steep challenges over the next few years, but we also have  unique opportunities. Borders are quickly becoming redundant and globalization is here to stay. Social media gives us access to and provides us with a powerful listening ear to our greatest and most significant resource, our global community, the Irish Diaspora.

Events such as the Irish Executive Summit are important in that the first step in this journey is to begin to educate our future leaders as to the potential that exists and to instill in them the confidence to lead us forward to a prosperous New Ireland. Together, we will re-define what it means to be Irish.

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Not-for-Profit Event

The aim of the event is to deliver a cost-neutral event for business people by business people. Many elements of the summit are being met through sponsorship-in-kind e.g. the website and workshop contributors. However the delivery of a first-class event, with international experts, in an appropriate venue does bring associated costs. It is estimated that costs of €60,000 to €70,000 will be needed to ensure a successful and professional event.

doodle.png  on Aviary

Irish Executives have already secured sponsorship pledges from MicrosoftNUIG, Enterprise Ireland,, Powow and Shantalla Inc. However further opportunities to sponsor and collaborate on this event are plentiful and needed!

Interested? Contact Sarah today!

Sponsorship activities are being managed by:

Sarah Kieran of People Projects on +353 87 2323272

or eMail

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