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Leading Your Teams Beyond Fear And Panic

Troubled teams and leadership
Are you feeling stressed as you try to lead your small business through the sluggish economic recovery?

Does it seem like your teams are spinning their wheels instead of meeting deadlines and project goals?

Would you be more effective if you created more transparency, less bureaucracy and an attitude of “Yes, we can”?

In this interactive presentation, discover how to manage the constant uncertainty and keep your teams focused on customer needs and wants.

You will:

  • Learn how to manage your stress so you create environment of success
  • Discover your team’s paralysis point…so they are better able to meet current project deadlines and get products and services launched on time and on budget
  • Identify specific tools and practices that enhance team performance and improve morale

Go from fearful to confident by doing some simple things that convert action to results…even in the face of fear and panic.

When: Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm GMT/12:00pm-1:00pm ET

Where: Webinar

Cost: This is a complimentary programme

Presenters: Joel Foner and Elli St.George Godfrey

For more information and to sign up, please visit the Programs page at Ability Success Growth

Joel Foner has 15 years of technical project management experience that spans multiple industries from basement startups to Fortune 1000 firms. As practitioner, consultant and coach, he helps organizations of varying sizes and experience levels to improve their team and organizational results. His leadership generates success with the rescue of troubled projects, formal awards, positive internal and external feedback and measurable results. He is a frequent speaker and trainer for groups, conferences and organizations of all sizes as well as via an online/virtual setting.

Elli St.George Godfrey is passionate about guiding small business owners to become more comfortable in their own skin as leaders and managers. Combining a background in psychology and a measurement-oriented system, she has developed a 3 Keys coaching process that creates results that can be seen in the bottom line and in each person. By utilizing short-term coaching cycles and partnering with her clients, her clients feel confident in identifying and developing strategies to be more effective leaders, plan more creatively and overcome the fears and obstacles that interfere with building thriving businesses. She is a speaker and trainer who is comfortable in intimate settings, in front of groups of 100 or more or speaking via an online/virtual setting.

For more information and to sign up, please visit the Programs page at Ability Success Growth

Growing a business locally or internationally takes a different mindset; the CEO Mindset. Elli St.George-Godfrey, a behavioral economics coach, international expansion consultant and founder of Ability Success Growth, uses her 3 Keys Coaching process to help business owners and executives in the US, Ireland and Northern Ireland to unlock the CEO within. Under her guidance, personal styles are fine-tuned allowing the senior leader to “authentically inhabit” the role of CEO and collaborate with their team more effectively. With this focus on both the people and the organization in which they work, Elli’s market-proven coaching helps leaders and their teams develop styles and capabilities which enables them to collaborate and effectively join together to optimize the business outcomes.

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