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Last week I attended an exclusive sneak preview of the Worky Network

It’s basically a LinkedIn/ Ning type platform with the huge difference that is aimed at all types of professionals and not mainly at the “Corporate type”.

It seemed very powerful in terms of connecting job seekers with employers, and also quite good in relation to showcasing your profile as an individual or company.

While the platform’s direction is yet to be defined, I can tell you that, so far it’s got great Analytics (you can even view the IP address of the people that view your profile) and that they are working on maximising the SEO side of things (people Googling your profile should find your Worky url within the first results).

Anyways, check it out for yourselves, it’s free to join 🙂

Oh! The Worky crew have kindly offered the Bloggertone readers one month’s free premium membership.

Simply follow this link and enter the code: worky for your work life

Here’s an interview by the guys over at Simply Zesty, were they chat with the founder Ray Nolan.[youtube][/youtube]

Facundo is a founder here at Tweak Your Biz (formerly) Bloggertone and a director at Dublin based Web Agency Channelship, where he works with directly with key accounts, particularly in creative and strategic capabilities. Naturally involved in Bloggertone's and Channelship’s business development and promotional efforts, he enjoys networking in the Irish Business scene.

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  • I have tonnes of flowerbeds, they require work also 🙁
    But rather a large garden to maintain than a large house. Amazing how we choose what we like and what we don’t like – like the various tasks within our businesses. I enjoy organising and meeting but dislike accounts.
    Maybe I need to outsource my grass mowing 🙂

  • Hi Jeff. Thanks for the comment. This post was not trying to tell people how to achieve their aims – more to help them understand that it is normal to get down, feel like giving up etc because we all do at some point.

    How we combat the naysayers and build our businesses is unique to each person based on their challenges. For some, as people have commented, it’s about putting in place small, achievable goals.. for others, it’s getting support from outside the business… there is no text book answer (or someone would have written it at this point 🙂 ).

    Thanks again for reading.

  • Cheers for the comment. Keep the faith and best of luck with the product.

  • Good pointer Niall. Works for me too 🙂

  • Hi Jeremy. Agree 100% – a succinct comment that makes the point well. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you, Barney!

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