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Gotta Get Your Head Stuck in the Cloud

I was one of the lucky ones to attend the official launch of EuroCloud Ireland at the Aviva Stadium on Tuesday 18th. Although I am a complete novice to the area, I found myself totally enthrawled by the visions of the future that were bestowed on me and my fellow attendees from the Podium above me.

I was a bit distracted by the fabulous backdrop of the stadium in its full glory, It was pointed out to us on the night that we had just made history as attendees of the first official corporate event since the stadiums Official Launch Party the previous week. Back to the subject matter at hand or in other words, get my head out of the clouds and Stuck into “The Cloud” or cloud computing for the Techno Babble Expert, which I am not? well not Yet! The Event was packed to the brim with a virtual who’s who of the Irish or more to the point the World Stage of IT CTO’s, CFO’s,COO’s et al. Microsoft let its might be felt on the night and to no surprise given its intentions to be world class leaders in the space, gave the Gold Sealed , nay the Platinum sealed stamp of approval to both the event and the organisers. I am proud to made the acquaintance only recently of most of the EuroCloud Irish Board, they know who they are and need no mention, well not anymore, as everybody who is anybody in the industry now know them for the sheer work ethic that they bring to making the cloud space in Ireland more tangible and attainable to the masses.

I digress, looks like I got lost in the clouds again, so back to the cloud. I will keep it short and sweet, most of us are already cloud users, be it Facebook, Bebo, Youtube and / or a host of other Social and Business Networking Sites. I am a mere novice in all these areas but looking forward to embracing the space a lot more in the not too distant future. I see myself as a present and potential future consumer of SaaS or Software as a Service for us mere mortals that have yet to get used to the multitude of new and widely thrown around acronyms out there! I feel most residential and SME’s will be cloud consumers, some of us might even be Subject Matter Experts offering new fandangled professional services in the space, me hopes? What I took away from the night other than the sheer professionalism of the organisers, the depth of the interest in the subject by the attendees and the nearly limitless scope of what “The Cloud” is offering in terms of new business models, revenue streams, you get the idea! Anyways, one curious item did occur to me, for all The Terminator Geeks out there (of which I am one and a Six Foot Six one at that!), The Future of the Web was told to us on the night, by a Professor from HP, who I am told is a DemiGod on the Subject, pointed out that Web 4.0 and Web 5.0 will lead to The Cloud” becoming Intelligent, Aware even of the Users within it, I am thinking it may become Self Aware, Self Conscious Even, Indeed Paranoid and we all know what happened next in that film I mentioned earlier. And I leave you on that note.

A Chartered Accountant with a Creative Mindset. Bring the Blue Skies treatment to the otherwise humdrum financials.

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