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Launch of EuroCloud Ireland – Promoting the adoption of cloud computing

The official launch of EuroCloud Ireland is planned for Tuesday May 18th in the Aviva Stadium.EuroCloud Ireland building a community of cloud computing users and providers
EuroCloud Ireland is looking to build a community of current and prospective users and providers of cloud based services in Ireland. As part of the European wide EuroCloud organisation, our goal is to provide a local platform to promote the adoption of Cloud Computing in Ireland and help drive Ireland’s Smart Economy.

To reflect this goal, we are delighted to have the following speakers at the launch event;

  • Mr Conor Lenihan, TD Minister for Science Technology & Innovation
  • Mr Barry O’Leary, CEO IDA Ireland
  • Dr Chris Coughlan, Head of Cloud Computing HP Galway (Keynote speaker)
  • Mr Noel Shannon, Chairman EuroCloud Ireland

There will be plenty of opportunities to network before and after the speeches. Please click here for full details on the event and to register.

Richard is a believer and advises companies on the use of Cloud services, Agile and Lean start-up principles. His focus is on innovative solutions that bring practical business benefits. He has over 18 years experience in a variety of IT roles, including over 10 years management experience working for companies such as IBM Software, Oracle & KPMG Consulting. In his various roles, his focus has been on rolling out innovative IT solutions and services, using user centered design to deliver practical business benefits. Richie is a PMI certified Project Management Professional and a certified Scrummaster.

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