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What about free mobile broadband?

And the two winners are….


Hope you enjoy your FREE Broadband 🙂


Here’s a nice treat guys brought to us by Vodafone Ireland:

Win a FREE  modem with the first 3 month of  service FREE!! No excuses now for not blogging on the go!

What do I need to do?

Between now and Thursday 12th:

  1. Follow @bloggertone on Twitter or become a Bloggertone Fan on Facebook
  2. Write the following message either on Twitter or on Bloggertone’s Facebook wall:
    “I’m following @bloggertone and entered a draw to win a free modem/mobile broadband from Vodafone”

Friday 13th we will make a draw between all the participants and announce the two lucky winners! What are you waiting for?

vodafone broadband

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  • Anonymous

    Can people who are already loyal followers and fans enter the competition or is it especially for newbies?

  • Existing & new followers can enter the @bloggertone draw to win a free broadband from Vodafone

  • Anonymous

    “I’m following @bloggertone and entered a draw to win a free modem/mobile broadband from Vodafone”

  • Everyone can participate, but I guess I cannot really enter 😉

  • Course you can, we’d believe you if you said you’d won!

  • LolYou are a gentleman Barney!

  • Forget Facundo,

    If I won, would it look like fix?


  • Lol not at all! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Great draw guys, Love the video suspense! Well done.

  • Great work gents, creative,I like it

  • Great way of doing the draw – and neither you guys or Niall won :). Well done.

  • thanks guys! next time it’ll be live, webcam wasn’t responding well 😉

  • It would be nice if you could mention or at least give hints as to what actual services you are using…
    Personally, I would be interested learning more about your accounting solution.
    Could you comment on what you are doing about data retrieval from the cloud…


  • hi arthur, as i understand it i cant promote brands here, but i am happy to email you if you like.
    what you mean exactly by ‘data retrieval’ from the cloud?

  • Hi Aileen, please feel free to respond to Arthur’s question,thanks, Niall

  • ok great, the brands we use are as follows:

    ZOHO CRM – our CRM system
    DropBox , – file repository
    Connect IT for our VOIP ,
    and our own soon to be released SortMyBooks Online for the accounts,
    hosted by C Infinity . Irish Cloud Hosting

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